Tuesday, October 7, 2008



There's going to be not just a recession but a depression with a capital D as surely as night follows day. The various efforts to salvage the US economy are not going to work - we see the bailout already faltering - nor will future efforts do much unless very temporarily. To sound, on top of all this, like a real doomster I have to say I believe there will be quite a few more problems for America than America, always optimistic, currently imagines. And if the loquacious, substanceless Barack Obama gets into the White House he won’t be a good manager of the problems that will arise. The more socially than audience minded Hillary would have done a better job.

From the celestial point of view at least, the economic and other bad news for America is involved with the near approach of Pluto into Capricorn (it enters later next month) and onto a world point. Pluto and any major planet into a cardinal sign (Capricorn is one of the four and it’s if anything the most economic and political of them) can be trigger to recession/depression. And it’s not as though other factors weren’t involved and the US chart simply waits to be hit in various negative ways. In fact, though the message hasn’t sunk in, or the matter isn't fully clear yet, what we are witnessing is the beginning of the end, (and it could be a fairly rapid decline now), of the American empire, about which none of us are laughing because we shall all be affected in the West.


Gloomy stuff and with the presidential election looming it might seem like a good time to be commenting and blogging. And if events impel me so much that I just can’t not comment then I will. However, though I won’t fiddle while Rome burns, I shall be taking a break for perhaps the rest of the year. Quite simply I am too creatively busy with writing a book.

A few weeks ago I suddenly realized that perhaps after all my diary based Thunder Perfect Minds was not a book I should strive to get published after all but that various of its ideas and experiences should be transferred into a rather different work of more general application and not linked to just Australia. I have worked at quite a bit of this already but in the wake of the particularly virulent flu strain that has hit here, it has been all rather draining so I shall not give other articles priority for the moment.

If however an article of mine on Oprah Winfrey that a certain editor tells me he is agonizing over because of some points I have included, doesn’t finally get taken up, I shall put it up instead of any regular Blog article. I hope everyone finds this last part of '08 a good experience amidst its distracting problems.