Sunday, August 2, 2009



They started building the Altar of Sacrifice for the Jewish Temple last Thursday 30th July at 5.30pm. It was the 9th of Av, a major day of mourning in the period of mourning that commemorates the destruction of two Temples and many disasters in Jewish history which uncannily manage to cluster around this time of year.

Work on many features of the Temple from its ritual implements and items including the Menorah and Table of Showbread to the High Priest’s garments have already been completed, but building the altar can be deemed highly significant. Obviously it's central to the whole point and purpose of the traditional system that the Temple Institute aspires to restore.

The altar is made from undressed stones - by ritual Law no iron must touch them, apparently because iron represents death and the stones represent the creation and life against which the sacrifices representing death are offered. The huge stones mostly from around the Dead Sea have to be welded together with special sand, clay, tar and asphalt and the special melding and heating process has been learned at a glass making factory.


Since the time that the work was to begin in Jericho was given as 5.30 pm, I was interested to examine the pattern which doesn’t disappoint. Asteroid Tempel (Temple) is suitably on an angle (the Descendant - the same angle it occupied when the Temple area was taken back in 1967, while another angle (the destiny Midheaven angle) is in Libra, sign of the Laws, the Torah itself. Then we look at the ascension sign and the moon. These are commonly regarded as the two most immediately important, revealing factors in any Event chart.

Rising is the sign of Capricorn, sign of any stones, which this issue is about, and absolutely also of any goats. It is the goat which is sacrificed at the main ceremony of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). Chosen by lot one goat is for the Lord, and one for sending to Azazel, a fallen angel/devil figure in the wilderness that the book of Enoch makes more sense of than the Bible as such. Suitably again, the planetary symbol of any stones which is also the “ruler” of the ascending Capricorn sign, namely Saturn, is conjuncting the cusp of the 9th house of religion as work on the altar began.

Astrologically the house of any rituals, sacrifices, purifications and healings is nevertheless always the sixth, so in parenthesis I should add we find placed there both Mars and Venus - Mars the killing, cutting planet and Venus the Shalom and Peace planet which is precisely what traditional sacrifice is about: making: peace through blood and sacrificial death. The moon of this event is in late Scorpio, the death and transformation sign, which again is what this whole ritual establishing event and its aspiration is about whether viewed as something affecting atonement or something about rebirth of Israel’s traditions.

However, this moon is effectively what’s called “void of course” making no regular aspect before leaving the sign it’s in, though it is making what’s called a quincunx (150 degree aspect) to Venus and, as normally interpreted, meaning “adjustments have to be made”. And we may imagine such will indeed have to be the case. There will be problems around this entire venture and in fact I see rather more in and about this chart, some of it suggestively prophetic, but which I prefer not to go into at this time.


One of the reasons I won’t enlarge on things that I see is I would prefer to have some work and ideas relevant to all this out and published and I do aim to have my Testament of the Magi, issued for Christmas which means out by October. It is in fact one of the things keeping me busy and preoccupied at present and I might, depending on swine flu and other problems, also be voyaging overseas. So, altogether I am not reckoning to post on this Blog for perhaps 3 months unless I find I finish up very leisured or just force of events positively constrains comment.

And that might happen. It’s not just would-be prophets but respected trends analysts who suspect that things in especially America could become really serious around late August or early September, more economic crisis, possibly even a bank holiday. Whatever, I myself had a few questions astrologically about that period as potentially difficult as I indicated earlier this year when I critiqued a line in forecasts from popular flamboyant preacher, David Wilkerson - he sees riots, New York in flames and heaven knows what else "soon" this year, but I feel he's slipped up too much with forecasts before to take him too seriously. I said I questioned he was right, but if there was anything to what he was saying, around late August might prove more potent than some other times to realize a few nightmares. I can’t and won’t so easily dismiss the trends analysts because I recall how early last year I posted some material from them to a very financial person in HKong while I was still living there and it contained some really correct warnings about last September. So maybe again this time they'll be right.We shall see.