Thursday, November 13, 2008


An article by me with the above title will be published in the Christmas edition of Investigate Magazine, out next Monday, Nov 17th.

Investigate is a New Zealand glossy mag better known for reporting political scandals than religious ones. The editor who last year took on my Lennon related article was a long time wondering if he could accept the various controversies of this latest offering which beyond the Oprah theme includes re suppression and distortion of facts related to my researches on the nativity of Christ. For the Christmas season the magazine's cover draws attention more to that side of the feature than the Oprah theme as such.

Investigate is available in NZ and Australia but not in the US. So I may sooner or later issue the complete original text of the article on this Blog. Especially so if some misunderstandings ensued on the lead theme or re my specialized researches due to some late cuts to the article that I haven't seen to judge the impression.