Monday, February 1, 2010



Maitreya, aka, the Christ, the Madhi, Krishna and whatever Messiah you’re looking for to arrive or to return if you’re looking, represents for his forerunner, Benjamin Creme, the greatest of events. Now for the first time in history “the Master of Masters” has appeared to millions on TV and the Internet. But if so, when? And where is he and how real is he following the official announcement to the world by a moved but tired looking Creme on Jan 14th?

After 30 years of waiting and preparation and reported appearances to exclusive circles, finally the mission of Maitreya (name of the last Buddha) is officially declared to have begun. The “Master of Masters” has appeared – under an alias for the time being – to “millions” of TV viewers in America and on the Net, talking about sharing, justice and changing things. Now it seems we can play guess the program and hunt the interviewer (was it Oprah herself, or Larry King?) as no one quite knows what’s going on or can claim to have witnessed what, if only they knew it, was the opening salvo in a campaign march towards complete Emergence. This is now set by Creme for between 12 to 18 months time when the currently anonymous prophet/avatar will make his “Day of Declaration”.


Since this Declaration will operate primarily at a telepathic level over the airwaves I’m not beyond wondering if what is now said to have been voiced on media really means - in fact or just Creme’s mind - that at certain times when someone talks on TV there are moments when the public is being irradiated and influenced in a way not previously operative or that an ordinary speaker is being overshadowed to speak M’s word. Or perhaps it’s just a case that someone speaks M’s opinions for him, is the official face of the movement until such time as the true source chooses to declare himself. Whatever, there are people willing to claim, most notably the retired US diplomat, Wayne Peterson, in his Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings which I haven’t yet read, that he and other people in high places have all met Maitreya in person but presently remain quiet about it, awaiting the day. It’s long been rumoured both Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela have met Maitreya – when Mandela says Christ visited him in jail, Maitreya is meant.

Among saucy Net suggestions is that the recent Maitreya of media must have been George Obama, the President’s brother, looking stoned on the Larry King show but spouting idealism for the peoples to hear. That comment is spawned by the fact most people’s broadcast search range has so far tended to be 13th and 14th January on the basis that presumably Creme wouldn’t make the announcement he did from London and send out press PRs on the 14th if the big event hadn’t occurred in the US on the 13th or 14th. But, hey,…..perhaps it happened on the 1st or 2nd of Jan. Maitreya is all about the surprise and the unexpected, so anything’s possible! I must agree with those who find the best candidate so far for the fated interview to be the well placed and connected, economist activist, Raj Patel, who was interviewed on ColbertNation and Democracy Now on the 12th. As shown by M hunters on You Tube he actually talked on the right kind of M themes and his strange unblinking eyes got to me (they reminded me of a Maitreya pic). Still…Patel is a British born American of Indian extraction born 1972 (mother Kenyan, father Fijian). He does stutter and he’s not a media virgin. So, despite the ideology he doesn’t fit the bill - unless the overshadowed theory has merit and he’s knowingly or otherwise like a temporary mask or broadcast station for the real M yet to declare himself!....Next guess, please!


There have been false starts for the Tara Society, now Share International, most notably back in 1982 when it was maintained the “Day of Declaration” was imminent, but wasn’t and perhaps because – if Maitreya is at least whom some imagine - a relative expected to die and leave him successor to a Caliphate position didn’t do so. Whatever, such problems have left the press cynical and hostile so that it’s almost a miracle of the M movement that it has sustained any credibility, kept going and enlarged its constituency amid so many failed or veiled promises. Delays have been mostly explained by the fact M is democratic and cannot strictly appear before he is sufficiently welcomed, desired and expected in order for him to take the world with him to the new and higher order anticipated but that only he can establish. M is thus about “critical mass” mysticism one might say. And finally the world is more ready. This is due especially to M’s version of the Bethlehem Star appearing in the heavens and engaging the needed expectation and announcing his Emergence. It’s a star of various changing colours and shapes widely reported across the globe during the past year. Also it was always forecast M would first seriously emerge after a stock market crash. There have been more than one of those recently and the economy is simply losing steam gradually rather than outright crashing but over the last year or so there has been some crashing if you see it that way. So….

Now is the psychological moment for an Emergence without compromise even though the Bethlehem star side of ‘09’s Emergence signs unlike its historic forebear doesn’t really announce any birth, isn’t astrological in terms of the uniqueness and specific fate of an individual. It’s more a sign in the heavens that keeps transforming itself and which you’re more likely to see if you think about it – even Creme regards it is similar to UFOs as a manifestation. A figment of imagination, then? But people have photographed it and it has its following whatever precisely it is (Creme says it’s really four centres of light converging). Significance was felt to climax last December with “Star Gate”, the aquamarine spiral of light over north Norway baffling to scientists (though some say it was a failed Russian missile test) but claimed by Creme as another, even supreme sign of M’s imminent advent. If anything it looked like a crop circle design etched across the heavens which reminds me that Creme has stated that the reason such circles, though internationally reported, are more frequent in England is because M resides there (and perhaps we shall hear next influencing souls from his mosque by force of vibration?!). It’s of at least sociological interest that 230 London schools mostly in the inner areas are reported to have ditched the broadly Christian assemblies traditionally required by law in favour of multi- faith services or just outright Islamic assemblies with Koran reading to suit growing immigrant populations for whom the varieties of assimilation aren’t high on the agenda.


So what is all this about? There are only really three possibilities:
1)Maitreya is a stunt, an all-time super-hoax, the purpose and profit of which to whom is simply not yet clear.
2)Maitreya is real as an illusion in the mind of its prophet, Benjamin Creme, and international followers from Brazil to Japan for and to whom Creme is forever travelling to proclaim his new gospel.
3)Maitreya is in some sense real in ways yet to be defined. Currently and officially he’s said to be a spirit or “Master” living in a London mosque who periodically manifests in the flesh to devotees around the world, most notably on June 11th 1988 before thousands in Kenya, an African nation. (It’s said to be Africa where Maitreya will be first and most recognized). Perhaps it’s a case that Maitreya represents something like a familiar spirit possessing an individual since it’s been suggested by a former Creme follower (see below) that the London Maitreya is a real person called Rahmet Ahmed, great grandson of Ghulam Ahmad, founder of the Ahmadiyya movement who proclaimed himself a or the Mahdi which means his successors are regarded as Kalifs (Caliphs) by those of this sect of Islam. (In the West the Ahmadiyya movement is most famously involved with claims Jesus died in Kashmir and his tomb is there while in Pakistan it is persecuted and has a status not unlike that of the Bahai movement in Iran, hardly a good omen for success on the global stage). That Creme recently insisted M is “about peace” could be a clue the flesh and blood Rahmet Ahmed is Share International’s and London’s own M because the Ahmadiyya movement officially opposes traditional and now radical Islam’s belief that Jihad is about war.

Yet there is insistently believed and claimed to be some other M more akin to those shadowy figures who feature as Masters in the life of Mme Blavatsky and Annie Besant.


The biggest claim for a Maitreya figure - as spirit - dates back to the just mentioned 1988 event when – well reported in the Kenyan press and with photos to prove - Maitreya “suddenly” appeared at a Nairobi church which featured the healings and miracles of preacher, Mary Akatsa. For her congregation of thousands she had anticipated in her spirit a special appearance of Christ that day (as had celebrated evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, who goes on record as forecasting in advance it would be June 11th that Christ would manifest). Mary ecstatically announced that Jesus himself had appeared and the whole stunned congregation seemed to believe it. The driver who later escorted this spirit Maitreya away from the meeting records he simply disappeared into thin air after he got out of the car.

Whether it was a pre-planned event, a mass hallucination or genuine spiritual manifestation of whatever kind we should be impressed that this biggest, most open of all the reported Maitreya happenings prior to this year’s alleged secular media broadcast, occurred at the Bethlehem Independent Pentecostal Church. This should make one still more wary of some of the holy freaks and ghouls like teleporting Jason Westerfield or “living in the glory zone” David Herzog who get interviewed on the well-meaning but gullible and undiscerning, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Or again some people on GodTV one of whose founders, Wendy Alec, shockingly mis-forecast that Jesus would bodily appear at the infamous Todd Bentley’s rallies in June ’08, a prophecy thankfully lost amid the mounting scandals which closed the crusade. I’ve discussed some of these louche people in my two articles on False Prophets (Sept ‘08). These people like to take the “Bible believing” high ground with everyone else, but they themselves are on the front line for all manner of deceptions. (I’d like to give Sid Roth and Wendy Alec the talking to they deserve and once one perceives the M links with Akatsa and Bonnke, it’s interesting to see the trail of deceptions, the false prophet, faux healer connections that join Bonnke with such as Hinn, Copeland, Rodney-Browne (“the Holy Ghost Bartender” for heaven’s sake!) etc. These all certify one another and lay on their “impartations” big time like a sort of (Gnostic) apostolic succession.

Lacking any real alternative guide amid all the elusive information I’m going to consider not signs in the heavens a la Norway’s recent Star Gate, but – pace all those not so orthodox “Bible believing” believers - some basic astrology which proves a bit more suggestive and revealing than might be imagined.


I’m going to take the earliest day of Maitreya’s alleged reported manifestation. This was July 8th 1977 when following centuries of spirit life in the Himalayas having assumed human form M came among mortals to board a plane in Karachi, Pakistan that took him to his home which ever since has been an Indian and Pakistani Muslim corner of London, Tower Hamlets. The Muslim/Sufi connection incidentally makes one feels M should be called principally the Mahdi rather than Maitreya. The more Buddhist emphasis through his name is perhaps due to the (half Jewish) Creme’s associations with Theosophy, with avatars, and the “Masters” of Mme Blavatsky, the Rev. Leadbeater and above all Alice Bailey’s channeled teachings. In the absence of a fixed time of manifestation I shall do what astrologers usually do and set a chart for noon of the crucial day in London. The moon degree can be wrong and the houses are uncertain but the other planets will be correct enough to permit something to be said. I shall also look at Creme’s own certified birth chart (5th Dec 1922, 8.45 am in Glasgow, Scotland). This is immediately striking and it can be seen that something’s here and something appears to be afoot. To mention only three points:

Creme’s Mercury (what he will communicate) is in degree exact aspect to M’s transformative and strong Pluto in Libra (sharing - indeed “Share International” since asteroid, United Nations, a favourite M and Creme theme, is conjuncting the Pluto).

Creme’s Jupiter (his philosophy, religion and beliefs) is conjunct M’s Uranus, i.e. what links M to the Aquarian age and the futuristic, surprising ideas that Creme says M is all about proclaiming.

Creme’s Sun (his will and identity) conjuncts M’s Neptune (dreams, ideals, but negatively deceptions and illusions).
The negative possibility might not be quite so striking – or dangerous – if it weren’t that asteroid Benjamina (i.e. Benjamin due to original registration of asteroids in feminine form) was at 13 Gemini at M’s manifestation. This provides a fated link since M owns a Benjamin directly opposite his Neptune that is bound to influence Benjamin C. The potential for deception of Benjamin C is heightened. M could represent a real illusion for B, yet someone or something perfectly real in his or its way even while not what Benjamin C imagines. (When “overshadowed” by Maitreya, Crème is said by some in the audience to be surrounded by a golden light).

Anyway, I am disposed to believe that Creme believes what he says and is thus currently convinced either that M has begun to emerge or that it’s such a now or never matter that he should do so that he’s prepared to force issues through press and media as never before. How can I tell this? Basically from the following fact that surprised me.


It was always stated that the first interview would be shortly succeeded by remarkable events – whatever precisely was imagined by this any first appearance round the time of the Haiti quake (Jan 12th) would more than satisfy some believers for that side of things! But announcement of M’s first interview was made on 14th January. This means it was also in the shadow of the solar eclipse of the 15th and this was a remarkable astronomical event. Its length alone will not occur again for over a thousand years. However, more astrologically I could also note that this eclipse fell at 25 Cancer, the identical degree of Mercury (communication, news) of M’s manifestation back in 77. It would indeed be sensed as the time for Maitreya to communicate his ideas as never before. (I’m also bound to note, and it could be relevant to what I mention shortly re Christian perspectives, that at 25 Cancer the eclipse falls on a degree area I specially point out - in Chapter 8 of my Testament of the Magi - as being for various reasons super-sensitive to issues around anything associated with endings and apocalypse).

Moreover, at the time of the recent eclipse Mars (action, initiatives) was right on a “world point” at 15 Leo. This means astrologically that it was touching off M’s own Saturn on a world point (his international career, destiny). So this time, unlike others, if M exists he ought to come forward to advance his career and Creme will either believe he is doing so or that he ought to be doing so. Recall too it’s in 12 to 18 months from now that Creme says the “Day of Declaration” is likely. That figures. It’s next year that transiting Saturn will both return to Creme’s natal position of Saturn in Libra (such returns are always significant) and then conjuncts his Midheaven (his destiny, reputation and career). So at that time the birds will come home to roost for Benjamin C - or they won’t! He will feel justified in the work of a whole cycle of Saturn. Or he’ll feel it’s all been in vain. He is in any case in his eighties so he’ll want to see some fruit and perhaps stop the travels and let M take over at last. Right now he looks as though he could do with some supernatural injection of energies, he looks exhausted if not sick.

It’s hard for all but the most devoted followers (who think M appears to them in various guises) to believe that Maitreya actually exists. Ironically, some of the stronger believers are if anything M’s Christian and apocalyptic naysayers who are perhaps getting duped listening to Crème’s more dramatic stated doctrines and hearing the forecasts (like an end to the Vatican and so on) and so finish declaring M to be the Antichrist. This seems like a misreading since if M really exists and is as reported a spirit who comes and goes assuming different forms and performing miracles then logically he surely ought to be more like the Antichrist’s prophet who makes the world believe in him due to his miracles (Rev 13:12) and thus functions like some Holy Spirit of an infernal Trinity. Whatever, if it is part of the M plan to present “the Master Jesus” to the world (a figure for Theosophists who is at once Jesus and an assumed later incarnation of same, Apollonius of Tyana) then Maitreya would hardly be the Antichrist who would need to be another Jesus figure - presumably.

Except that they won’t hear of astrology and don’t like the memory of Catholic Washington seeress, Jeane Dixon, Christians determined to track down Antichrist themes in the M phenomenon might do better to see them reflected in various odd stellar facts, perhaps just coincidences, that their fixed prejudices are missing. I think of how at the birth of the Jeane Dixon’s alleged Antichrist what I have long designated the Antichrist asteroid, Achristou, falls at 28 Leo (itself conjunct the fame orientated, royal star, Regulus, in turn conjunct Uranus the ruler of the AC’s chart) conjunct the same asteroid at 27 of M’s chart. That at least would make a powerful link between two figures being assumed to fulfil prophecy. I have read on the Net that back in ‘85 Creme even lent some credence to Dixon’s vision though like other New Agers interpreting it differently. This acknowledgment is probably at the root of a confusion launched by former Tara Centre worker and New Ager turned Christian, Troy Lawrence, who once had access to many details and files related to Maitreya. Believing the Maitreya is the mentioned Ahmadiyya Caliph and a flesh and blood person he has elided Dixon’s figure and Maitreya (which I would regard as an ex New Ager’s theological error among other things – see below) and decided Maitreya was born in 1962 in Pakistan – Dixon insisted he was born in the Middle East.


It seems safe to say everyone has their apocalypse as everyone has or will have their identifying name for Maitreya. But if M is as real as some suppose and with genuine relevance to Christian “last times” then these times probably wouldn’t work out to be the typical American kind popularized in Left Behind fiction with its revived Roman Empire through the EU etc. It would need to be a bit more like Joel Richardson’s The Islamic Antichrist picture. Richardson’s scenario imagines features of the Islamic apocalypse as more able to fulfill the prophecies of Revelation and with a revived Caliphate as its basis including because in Revelation the Beast’s empire punishes by beheading - Islam’s still sanctioned mode of execution). The Islamic scenario that Richardson imposes upon Revelation and which in its novelty has recently shaken the traditional world of Protestant dispensationalist apocalyptic, would require a self-proclaimed new Jesus arriving to support the Mahdi and assure the masses that what the Bible teaches about him [Jesus] as divine etc was always all wrong. (Islam signally denies God could or would ever have a son). So this “Jesus” may discover a new testament. He is also supposed to discover the/an Ark of the Covenant somewhere.

For what it’s worth again one can do no more than look at the astrology and while I wouldn’t at this point in time, and given the elusiveness of M care to read too much into the following there are some unavoidable points of contact with precisely the more negative of Christian assumptions both about M and Richardson’s assumptions concerning our future. They are these:

If Maitreya is to introduce “the Master Jesus” to the world then we should expect to see something about Jesus somehow prominent in his arrival/”natal” chart. Actually we do because Isa (Arabic name for Jesus) directly conjuncts M’s Mercury (what he will communicate and proclaim) while his Mars is opposed to the Christ asteroid which could mean being opposed to all Christ-messianic claims. (In the doctrinal, quasi-theosophical world of Creme, Jesus and Christ were never united but rather the historical Jesus was a person overshadowed by the Maitreya/Christ force so that Jesus is always inferior to the Master, Lord Maitreya. A Jesus made secondary to the Mahdi is how things would be if one lends credence to Joel Richardson’s apocalypse assisted as this is by Islamic (and rather more Sh’ite), images of last times. Jerusalem would be up for grabs along with Israel (radical Islam denies certain covenantal prophecies about Israel) so suitably we find a conjunction of Jerusalem and Israel in direct aspect to transformative Pluto. There could therefore be plenty of issues, Muslim and other, around defining and claiming the Holy Land. (Another geographical point of interest. Asteroid Kenya exactly aspects M’s important Mercury and it was in Kenya in 1988 that the first main public appearance of Maitreya to thousands was recorded while Africa conjuncts M’s Pluto and it’s Africa is anticipated to be first to accept and believe in him most strongly).


From available data the M picture, whether deemed biblically and prophetically relevant or not, is not in any obvious way God-driven or a revelation of the divine as commonly understood. One might say it belongs more to the type of non-theistic, meditation driven traditions that precisely such as Theosophy and Buddhism represent. One can’t run to the other extreme and state from the data that it’s obviously satanic since Lucifer rising in an untimed chart is not automatically significant (though the other devil asteroid, Malin, in degree exact aspect to the important Mercury - what’s communicated - might be perceived as tricky). More pertinent, the two deity asteroids are afflicted. Bhagwat (Hindu title for any personal conception of God) is degree exact in affliction square to M’s sun (his will and identity) at 16 Cancer, while Theotes (Godhead) is square to Wounded Healer, Chiron, and is near enough focus of a T square with Chiron and Uranus. Creme’s own Buddhist-style alienation from notions of deity seems rather spectacularly evoked by the way in which, Buda (Spanish for Buddha) and Theotes, otherwise unaspected, oppose one another, across the world points of 0 Cancer/Capricorn while Bhagwat is quite unaspected. As noted on Wikipedia, Creme has been in trouble for saying sufficient good words for Lucifer (as a world ensouling angel, not the devil) for some Christian circles to claim that Creme’s M beliefs are satanic. His favourable view of Lucifer nicely belongs with Lucifer conjunct Saturn in Creme’s ninth house of religion and beliefs.

Most essentially Creme’s religion is one of “The Masters” of which Maitreya is chief. (It could be a point of passing interest for students of the asteroids to establish if the asteroid, Masterman, might serve, astro-speak style, as significator for “the Masters” of Theosophy who are master spirits who appears as men. Undeniably Masterman trines almost to the minute the Masters dominated Mme Blavatsky’s Neptune, while at nearly 23 Cancer Masterman is opportunity sextile M’s Mars at 23 Taurus and is more broadly conjunct his Mercury at 25 Cancer. It’s also opportunity sextile Crème’s Jupiter (his beliefs).


Suggestive though all this is, coincidences do happen in astrology so we need to be cautious. And, in a sense, the value of astrology when applied to difficult cases like the Maitreya mystery and special events like Haiti’s quake considered last Blog is cumulative and comparative. It helps reinforce and clarify. The heavens less predict a quake than warn of heightened risk times regarding them. Someone wrote to me (personally rather than to Blog comments) re the last article that in fact a geologist, Prepetit, had last year been predicting that in Haiti, and specifically at Port-au-Prince a quake was due and he kept telling a heedless government to make adequate preparations. If this and other unheeded warnings from scientists in Florida could have been set against transit factors to Haiti’s chart then things might have seemed a little more convincing and clearer for people generally.

Allowed wider additional perspectives like those of astrology the Haiti case could have been similar to one I mention near the end of my Cosmic Father book where a Christian prophet made a very telling prophecy of the last Israeli war in Gaza. Basically correct his claims could nonetheless have used being further certified and his timing corrected by a needed few days given what I saw astrologically. Such perspectives are nonetheless not even likely to be acknowledged and perhaps especially not by Christians because they have mostly decided astrology must amount to “divination” and “abomination” biblically or else it’s scientifically unacceptable anyway. All this is rather blind, silly and a loss and with regard to the truth about the Bethlehem Star truly an incalculable loss at especially this time. In fact, with Maitreya cult claiming to produce a new Christ heralded by a new Bethlehem Star it may never have been so important to get the picture right about just who and what these were and what they meant. On this however one currently finds so many Christians as indifferent or asleep as the five foolish virgins of the parable.