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Controversies around Jesus are becoming common to the point they’re almost booming, not to say big business. The fact that the latest mystery around an alleged Jesus tomb has the support of a noted film maker, James Cameron, has assured its publicity no matter how weak the claims. And those claims were quickly given 10 reasons for dismissal by a noted theologian on his Blog.

However, what’s almost more significant is how and why we have been hearing about this story at this time. Also why we aren’t hearing about other things that we should know about Jesus. Who owns and distributes the facts here?

Back in early ‘02 when I discussed with a publisher in New Zealand when a book of mine about Jesus might be launched I suggested as one possibility a weekend in late October because I believed Jesus could be in the news then. And Jesus was… because on 21st October it was announced that possibly the first archaeological witness to his existence had been discovered through an ossuary box (whose authenticity remains much disputed ), that named him as son of Joseph and brother of James.

Since ‘04 I have been forecasting, and beyond one specialized magazine almost no one has published or listened, that ‘06 and especially ‘07 would be a season of extreme and mounting lies about Jesus. ‘06 produced everything from the film of the The Da Vinci Code about a Jesus dynasty to publication of Kathleen McGowan's novel The Expected One about a Jesus dynasty through the Magdalene who marries Jesus after becoming the widow of an abusive John the Baptist. Now late February ‘07 has produced the announcement through New York of the evidence for a Jerusalem tomb of Jesus allegedly containing the remains of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene and a supposed son of Jesus called Judah. A book, The Jesus Tomb by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino is then published a few days after by Thorson’s/Element (Harper Collins). A TV feature film to be shown eventually in all of USA, Canada, UK and Israel has its first release through America’s Discovery Channel on March 5th. All this comes right when I would have expected. But how could I tell the period was a sensitive one for what I would call deception?...


…..It’s because I know exactly when Christ was born and exactly what the Magi knew and a lot more besides. Accordingly Jesus linked events can be read across history to this day. Guided by reputable historical scholarship in the line and the work of noted astronomers I have cracked the Magian code and obtained data for Jesus exact as a fingerprint. It can be seen to be precise because it goes far beyond the conventional, specialized forms of astrology in which I first certified the find while living in Hong Kong in ’87 and is something which, despite the detail, any layperson can grasp. Having been able since 2004 finally to use data from such as the modern new named asteroids for remote dates, of which I have applied well over 300 to the data, defying all statistical probability and retrospectively at that the Jesus pattern produces names, words and virtual sentences to the point one has a working Fifth Gospel. For example:

• Jesus was compared by his contemporaries to specifically Elijah and Jeremiah. Suitably his birth data reveals Elias and Jeremias in close conjunction aspecting the part of a birth pattern regularly associated with a person’s image.
• At the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, (whose date and timing I can exactly pinpoint by innumerable signs resolving all traditional and academic problems around this subject) one suitably finds the asteroids for Lucifer and Peter in exact opposition reflecting a situation everyone recognizes if they know Bible.
• The data is so exact the sector of the chart that naturally relates to family and origins against all chance even turns up the names of Jesus’ leading ancestors.
• The data also turns up a super conjunction “signature” of Jesus’ name with his biblical titles
• Factoring in the so-called Arabic Parts (based on mathematical equations linked to the birth time) the picture becomes still more remarkable. The Part of Brothers impossibly conjuncts the asteroid James, The Part of Redemption conjuncts the identity giving natal sun reflecting Jesus’ self understanding as Messiah. And yes there are Parts of the Mother, of the Father, of Marriage, of Love , of Profession and many more.

The amount of meaningful information that emerges is remarkable and presents a portrait of Jesus’ life and mind unparalleled in Christian history and the history of astrology. It’s so compelling that those who should pay attention don’t do so, perhaps feeling, like the “all Jerusalem” troubled by the original Magi (Matt 2:3), more than anything threatened by the challenge and enormity of this solution to a two thousand year old mystery.


• Influential Christians appear to think they have nothing to discover here or that astrology, despite its role in Jesus’ story, is too inadequate or even verboten to consider. Typically, when I suggested a feature with The Church Times I was dismissed with “we know all there is to know about Jesus we don’t need to know about the Magi”. American reviews like Christianity Today can be expected not to reply.

• Not even with the Australian Society of Authors appealing to him or more recently an editor of one of my books mentioning me to him as a friend has an astronomer, an inspiration for the researches, risked (I presume) to compromise himself as a scientist by contacting me about these researches. He has thus never answered any questions during the years I have carried this informational grail.

• Media has not shown helpful in getting any piece of information on this subject to the public, even at Christmas when it might be expected to prove more open to such issues. Recently a TV production company in UK who said they would take on a feature proposal I’d outlined if they hadn’t just switched to solely current affairs recommended that to help fast track matters I should contact someone involved with religious programming in England in a major way. I have on and off tried since New Year without success to get in touch by email or phone. There may be many reasons for this non connection but one is left to wonder whether the suggested contact would see value at this time in giving room to alternative views while assisting to promote broadcast of such as Jesus tomb material.

• Publishing, so keen to promote everyone from Dan Brown to Barbara Thiering on alternative Christs and Gnostic theories, has been mostly indifferent even to consider the proposal, let alone read, the ms whether of my earlier more specialized treatment of this subject or today’s more popularized, accessible material. Evidently running out of reasons for rejection I have even suffered such nonsense as that it’s not possible to publish work of someone for whom English is their second language! (This to a published author with a doctorate in religion!) Last year a religion editor of one of the major publishing houses did describe the recent, popularizing work as fascinating, groundbreaking and publishable. He recommended it specifically for Harper Collins deeming them most geared to edit and promote in the line (religion with esoteric). Helped by this recommendation the material did reach there where eventually a religion editor apologized for the, as he agreed, inexplicable omission of persons in a subcompany, (to which the book went for reading), to give any grounds for refusal. It is an open question whether the omission could have been involved with concerns to promote their forthcoming The Jesus Tomb, whose publicity would run counter to very different perspectives like my own.

In the course of this too long saga it’s hard to say who or what are being more rejected : myself as published author and doctor of religious studies who at least deserves to be heard; the public which has an absolute right to be aware of and judge such exceptional information; or Jesus himself about whom balanced views and the facts are getting increasingly suppressed in favour of whatever makes for the next sensation and profit.


Regarding the recent tomb discovery for numbers of reasons it is patently false and if a noted film maker wasn't making the claims and popular media backing him we might not have heard of the theory. Normally these sort of claims run through academic reviews for debate first before reaching the public and they would have been squashed if they had done so. For example, Jesus’ relatives were not wealthy, how would they all be buried in such a rich tomb so far away from where they are reported to have lived since custom would always required local burial? In exceptional cases where a person was buried far from their home the ossuary box would describe the person not as being just their name but from somewhere, hence a Jesus ossuary would need to be that of “Jesus of Nazareth”.

In effect this “discovery” merely replays past issues like the case of Donovan Joyce’s The Jesus Scroll in 1970, or even the more recent arguments around the Jerusalem James/Jesus ossuary box, where the mere discovery of names like Jesus, or Mary or Joseph, all very common names – Jesus equals Joshua – can cause sensations. Since my interest, and even duty, is to see my material reaches the public by formal publication I have no wish to enlarge on my own ideas and evidence, but as regards conventional astrology as it links to the immediate controversy this much can be said for those who want a touch of traditional detail.


Proofs of the new discovery have been announced to the world at the time that for the first time this year Neptune exactly conjuncts the angle that would denote reputation and destiny for Jesus as for anyone. Such Neptune contacts by transit are rather notorious for creating scandal and deception around people, but the planet does this at the time it is also directly opposed in the heavens by traditionally restrictive, undermining Saturn. While Saturn is forming this opposition it is also directly conjuncting the point which in any birth pattern refers to the last resting place, one’s grave/tomb. Which is what all this latest “mystery” around Jesus is about. In terms of a conventional astrology the indications for an undermining falsehood around Jesus could hardly be stronger. However the event belongs to a whole wider trend in the debunking of Christianity which will increase and cause real crisis in society some of which is quite likely to be seen in events of ‘08 and ‘09 which could even change the face of much in religion as we know it, but not positively. “What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” as the poet Yeats would put it.


Stella said...

The asteroid information is fascinating! If Christian or astronomical publishers and the media aren't interested maybe astrological magazines will be. You might stir up more interest by posting the horoscopes of Dan Brown and other writers bound to destroy the scriptures, with relevant asteroids exposing their flaws.

Rollan McCleary said...

Actually, I have done something on Dan Brown etc. It appeared in last June's "Horoscope" magazine almanac but the Southern Hemisphere version only, not the American. I have also in past years written respected articles, some on religious themes, for the Australian Astrological Monthly Review.

However I have never got information of any kind whether on Jesus or simply trendy issues like current speculation that Nietzsche was gay into American astro mags. In the case of the intellectually respectable "The Mountain Astrologer" not even after receiving a superb review of my "Signs for a Messiah" which normally could have earned me article space or an interview. Some might say I was dealing with either the super conservative or radically neo-pagan where the American astro establishment is concerned.

I also do now wonder if the astrology establishment, despite what they say, want a solution to the Magian mystery. One leading organization states it will make a public declaration if the data of Jesus is convincingly found. yet when I have approached them about this I have twice had the messages supposedly mislaid and on next ask was invited to sign up to pay to join the org. From the other side of the world and on a subject of general public interest I don't think this was appropriate.

I could of course put a lot of information onto the Net but not only it is fair that the work of research and writing should be paid but unfortunately too what does not enjoy a paid status doesn't tend to be respected today as having real credentials. So I feel I am obliged to await a more standard acceptance.