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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



When Hillary Clinton’s campaign began to confront real difficulties in February due to Obama mania I did not make concessions or alterations to comments I posted last December about HC’s long term prospects. I was almost sure that despite the obstacles she would win the Texas and Ohio primaries - as she has done - and I would be very surprised if she lost Pennsylvania on April 22nd.

Obama mania is at once alarming and embarrassing to observe. Especially so for non Americans like myself who are more likely to desire an aura of experience and the statesmanlike in politicians who they prefer would not appear like Hollywood show people, high school heart throbs or revivalist preachers – there are even people fainting in front of Obama. What really has this person got to offer and say beyond the theatrics which in line with his Leo sun sign Obama is good at? One constantly feels like asking how could America still be so immature as to be caught up in a lala land performance of slogans of hope and warm to these super expensive, utterly wasteful campaigns (millions for the TV ads alone) conducted like a boxing match. It is too typical that Hollywood film star, Susan Sarrandon, has declared she is backing Obama and is looking forward to understanding what he represents. Quite! And then there's an Oprah endorsement. The New Age succumbs!


One aspect of affairs that has been distinctly disturbing is the more than usually interested press coverage. Sleaze has been directed from all quarters upon Republican rival McCain’s private life but as regards Obama’s private life it has been almost wholly ignored (except that very recently the gossip/entertainment paper, The National Inquirer has headlined about Obama’s wife’s screaming fits over his women). In reality, however, Obama may be more bisexual than a classic womanizer. Anyway, a gay man, Larry Sinclair, has been protesting threats from Obama staff and refusal of the press to deal with this after he put up a YouTube account of Obama giving him cocaine and having sex with him and not many years ago – there was a bit of early gossip about university years drug taking.

I don’t care that such tales may be coming from the right. I don’t think it matters where they come from. In this instance I merely ask why tales supporting the bisexual picture are so covered up when for years Hillary, (portrayed in the press over recent weeks as a has-been for losing small or strongly black states to Obama), has had to take any amount of lesbian slurs based on little more than she appears bossy hence mannish to some people.

Whatever the precise biographical truth of the matter one has to recognize a basic plausibility for the claims to the extent Obama does have the fatal afflicted Neptune pattern that from the astrological standpoint is the necessary building block for any bisexual conditions and/or drug involvements. And it is this afflicted Neptune is a factor in the public obsessions and projections affecting Obama from outside. Though the Illinois senator's birth time is unknown the datum of his sun square Neptune is unmissable and the glamourizing, deceptive afflicted Neptune at 8 Scorpio falls exactly on the ascendant of America’s natus, the clue in astrological terms to why the masses can be so easily mesmerized by this candidate. Or perhaps even why and how Obama can so easily deceive himself.

What does this young senator believe? He may not even be too clear himself under the kind of aspect I’ve indicated. The much contested issue of religion is a good case in point. We may accept he is not as some detractors would like to make out a covert Muslim but his Christian affiliations are peculiar all the same. The minister of his chosen Chicago Church of Christ church adheres to some strange Africanized form of faith and one that has been very friendly to the founder of America’s Nation of Islam movement. Long before Obama became a hot issue I recall an interview in which when asked about Christian doctrines it seemed that Obama was unclear about such basics as resurrection and immortality. There is also no question that this senator has fought more strongly than almost anyone for partial birth abortion, ie. live birth abortions or virtual infanticide, something Hillary Clinton though known to support abortion and criticized by religious conservatives for it, has opposed because it happens to be quite painful and cruel for the foetus and does raise questions about respect for life. This is a strange record for someone trying to push Christian credentials but it fits with the confusion pattern I am seeing everywhere where Obama is concerned.

I think the final doubts about the correct birth time of Hillary are dissolved by what happened in early March. Those like myself who assumed the 8am birth also assumed the pivotal time for Hillary’s career would be early March when Saturn, a crucial planet for politicians and their careers was right on Hillary’s career/destiny Midheaven angle brought her the needed success. On the basis we can know her chart it would be incredible given the super aspects enjoyed by her chart around April 22nd if she were to lose Pennsylvania. She would have to enjoy her loss for some reason or have some wonderful compensations at the time to be losing at such a time. And this could be a turning point for her that sets her on the road to the White House.

At any rate – and it’s a point I didn’t make in the earlier article – by inauguration time Hillary will have her progressed sun fortunately trining her destiny Midheaven, which is like an assumption of power and hardly the mark of a loser (though I suppose it’s possible she could be given certain honours, a good job, a vice president’s role or something that would fit this picture without giving her the highest role). Even her husband and daughter’s charts mark something positive. So unless I don’t know things about Obama’s chart – and it’s certainly a disadvantage not to have the birth time - I think Obama mania could spend itself and have its day. I would feel some relief for the world which needs more experienced leadership through America, if it did.

(Readers will notice I have been putting out less material so far this year. This reflects preoccupation with various situations here in HKong and plans to return soon – next month – to Australia and a new home there. This month I have also had flu, done a long interview with Swedish radio about gay spirituality issues, and had an article based on material re John Lennon that was issued last year in articles of this Blog published in New Zealand’s Investigate Magazine. Until I am well settled into Australia the reduced production will probably continue).

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KittKatt said...

Obama mania is reaching you in Hong Kong, but it's really intense here in the States! All we see on the news these days is clips of his pastor’s fiery sermons and Obama trying to explain racism. His pastor speaks of a black Jesus, which resonates with my own ideas on a gay or female Jesus. Here’s my recent blog post about it:

Black Jesus, Gay Jesus and Obama

I'm running a queer version of Christ's Passion in daily installments at my blog this week. Each daily post features a queer Christian painting and an excerpt from my new novel “Jesus in Love: At the Cross.”

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