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I’m going to deal with two “explosive” topics. The first is Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s airline dinner dispute that's current news (though it happened months ago) and about which I have written to The Australian newspaper. Whether or not the letter is published I duplicate it here and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Rudd, like myself, didn’t want red meat served to him – I have noticed airlines that will serve full vegetarian meals can get into problems if you ask for anything more particular like “no red meat and no dairy products”. For Prime Ministers, airlines should sort themselves out. I wrote….

The fuss over Rudd's bad temper is almost incredible. It's dead annoying not to be served the food one orders especially if health issues are involved and it's remarkable a Prime Minister is not served exactly what he orders. People in leading positions often have "a lot on their plate" besides food and can be expected to suffer more strain than others. That's precisely why in most nations in the world it's considered leaders can and should be a bit pampered. The flight attendant is offended, gets weepy, and files complaint? Fire her! This story is about Opposition party resentments and/or some element of Australian egalitarianism going crazy. Why not be efficient and indulge those with major responsiblities? Almost anywhere else would and almost nowhere would a leader reckon to have to apologize for such trivialities as raising their voice. Unless there are features to this story we don't know about, it's almost certainly Rudd who deserves the apology. Does the public want only to humiliate those in power?


To the extent it’s about an explosion of feeling and controversially raising one’s voice in public all this has a loose connection with the next tale. It's a strange one I've unearthed since the last article but which arguably confirms and clarifies assumptions I made there about famed pastor, David Wilkerson, in relation to fires and gays. It’s also, from a certain point of view almost hilarious.

So...back to Gotham City where way back in 1987, David Wilkerson, attended a Christian rock concert led by Christian convert, Mylon LeFevre. Wilkerson is entitled not to like rock music, (I’m no great fan myself) and I dare say a few questions could be asked about the phenomenon of Christian rock music (about which I know nothing). However Wilkerson’s reaction turned out explosive beyond explosive and at that around the music making of a person in good standing among musicians (Elvis Presley once used a Mylon song) and Christians to this day who seem never to have understood Wilkerson’s “prophetic” reaction.

Before commenting I excerpt from account of the relevant occasion as described by David Wilkerson at considerable length in “Driven to Darkness” at
and which at some points I italicize.


“Last night I attended a Christian music festival.……Since leaving the concert I have been weeping for hours, groaning in the Spirit feeling the wrath of a holy God burning against what I saw……No preacher [the leader of the rock band, Myron] anywhere could have spoken with more conviction and sincerity - the words were right. [However……]

Suddenly the singer [Myron] yelled in the microphone, "Jesus is coming - He is going to crack the skies - get ready!" The song was entitled, "Crack The Skies." [The song’s subject was the belief in “The Rapture” - Jesus’ return on the clouds]. Suddenly smoke was billowing out of smoke machines, the pounding beat was turned up to a frenzied pitch, eerie lights began flashing, the musicians stood like phantoms rising from a murky swamp. It was ghostly, weird, strange - and the crowd went wild. At the same festival [during the same song?] a wild spiked hair group had entertained - with painted faces, prancing about like homosexual peacocks.
[These sound like punks but gays have never had notable links to punks or punk styles]

At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing on stage. I said out loud, "This can't be happening at a Christian festival - they can't do this to my Jesus!..... Oh God - what has happened to your church that its leaders, its people, can't see the evil of this abomination?"…… Suddenly I was on the ground, on my back, weeping and sobbing, and groaning in the Spirit. I sat up and took another look at the stage. I was horrified by what I saw in the Spirit. I saw demonic images rising from that stage! I heard Satan laughing! ….I stood to my feet, literally shaking with the fear of God - consumed with a sense of His holy wrath against such wickedness. I rushed into the crowd crying at the top of my voice - Ichabod! (The glory of the Lord has departed!). I ran through the crowd, pushing aside chairs, weeping, shouting at the top of my voice, "Ichabod - this is satanic! Stop! God is grieved!" I was mostly ignored and I think most thought I was a crazy lunatic…. I wanted to get to a microphone and cry like an Elijah - "This is vomit on the table of the Lord!.... [but Elijah never said that] What kind of blasphemy is this?"

I will not shut up on this matter! …….What hurt my spirit the most….is that this particular group, and many others, attend Pentecostal churches. The musician I refer to told me he gave up drugs, drinking, evil sex [is evil as opposed to sinful sex mean to imply gay sex?] and rock and roll performing when he got saved. He cut his long, feminine hair, he quit dressing like an exhibitionist [like a “homosexual”? – Myron is married with kids ] and began to change all his ways. It was a pastor who encouraged him to "quit looking so square and use rock and roll to reach the kids”. ……..It's now the middle of the night and I can't sleep! I can't stop weeping inside. I am shut in with God in my study diligently asking Him to show me what is happening… Has God given up on some who are set on bringing devilish practices into the realm of worship……?”


We already know that David Wilkerson has a visionary thing about fires and as someone who would anyway probably recall the Harlem riots and fires of 1964 it wouldn’t be hard for him to imagine similar in New York’s future and to feel nervous at the prospect. We also know that where gays are concerned no Michelangelos ever existed, gays are regularly referred to, (much like fires), as social “menace” or “threat” and Wilkerson has preached in Sweden in defence of the pastor in legal trouble for declaring gays to be a “cancer” on the body of society.

So it’s noticeable in Wilkerson’s account of the concert that he becomes troubled when the beat becomes frenzied and there is smoke and flashes of light, like flames. This has him worked up and disturbed – fireworks are going off in his mind - but tension is increased, or has been building up, through the presence at the concert of men like “homosexual peacocks” and near to this man who once had, and apparently on advice again has, “feminine” (some, might have said “wild” but Wilkerson says “feminine”) long hair.

The fact that the music is “abomination” suggestively links it to the abomination of same sex (probably sacred prostitution though fundamentalists would ignore that point) as defined by Leviticus. The combined effect of noise, fire and sexual associations is truly overwhelming. The pastor is now weeping, shaking and apparently thrown on his back with the intensity of it all! The next thing is that Wilkerson is – almost necessarily - seeing and hearing Satan himself, surely the only reason for him legitimately and self- righteously to back away from what the supposedly religious message from the supposedly genuinely religious performer is otherwise telling the pastor about life, religion, art, eros or just himself. Is the fear of God he refers to and that the other Christians are not feeling, fear of himself? If holy homophobia could ever suffer long negative orgasm this could be the nearest, most historic instance!

Once again it looks like it’s a case of “the heaven’s declare…” (Ps 19). Interestingly David Wilkerson’s rocking super drama occurs at the beginning of August ‘87 with transiting Mars (anything to do with sex, with macho, with aggression, noise, with Rock etc) is hovering around 17 Leo, the fire sign of high dramas and big effects and violent tempers and declarations if once loosed. And David Wilkerson was born with Mars in this fiery sign and at this degree so his Mars is getting stimulated and released in his chart at this time. And recall how I noted last article that his natal Mars was aspected because those other related factors will be suitably triggered along with the Mars. It’s a prescription for big fireworks.

As in the charts of many gays Wilkerson’s natal Mars is in favourable aspect (trine) to the gay planet, Uranus, and in this case in raw sex sign, Aries. Given a natal Mars in Leo Wilkerson would necessarily see and respond in some strong way or another to any strutting gay peacocks….or his Mars would if his Uranus weren’t also afflicting or afflicted by Jupiter (beliefs and religion) in watery Cancer. This Jupiter is disposed not only to make all things gay appear bad with all the potential exaggeration of Jupiter and to be shockingly and surprisingly lachrymose water sign style where religion is concerned but also to bring up “phantoms from a murky swamp” i.e., the wet and tearful worlds of feminine Cancer who in this affliction won’t like the men who steal from her realm by wearing “feminine” hair.

Given the previous article I feel the point is now sufficiently made that David Wilkerson wants to be a prophet, (apparently an Elijah shouting things Elijah never said), and has a strong vein of the fantasist or sensationalist about him. Accordingly, and even though we do inhabit a period of quasi-apocalyptic crises and disasters – the Italian quake is the latest headline - I feel it would be unwise to listen too closely to his “urgent” prophecies for our times. They look to represent an over-active imagination and the negative side of Pentecostalism which is precisely over-active imagination with sometimes a repression that permits false readings of the self or others. This denomination does nonetheless now and again turn up the genuine prophet with the fulfilled forecast. I make the point in the course of my forthcoming Cosmic Father book.


This project I’ve mentioned before is now very much underway. I have received a proof, have made some corrections and so must now receive a new and hopefully last proof. Towards month’s end it is likely the book will be out.

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