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If you want the truth (and secrets) about incumbent US president George Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton as his possible successor small details may count. They do so considerably in those areas of astrology where people most want to have light shed. Some of the facts are nonetheless provocative and not all astrologers would discuss them if they knew them.

With the presidential race underway astrologers are trying to predict outcomes by conventional (planetary symbolism) means but that’s not always what’s most helpfully revelatory. In cases of doubt or to expand information use the asteroids! To start with a simple fact Hillary Clinton's birth chart shows a telling Hillary asteroid at 6 Virgo nearly conjuncting her career/ destiny Midheaven angle (4 Virgo). This links her name to her career and is good for fame. In fact, near to Hillary is precisely Fama (Latin for fame) while Glo, which some astrologers consider stronger for fame issues, makes degree exact fortunate aspect to her career Midheaven.

Opposite Hillary’s name asteroid and conjunct her so called Nadir angle,( the home base in any chart) is of all things asteroid, Whitehouse! I accept with the Bible that the skies “utter knowledge” (Ps 19:2) and this seems as near as the heavens could get to telling us where Hillary’s truest home would one day be. Granted George Bush’s natus by comparison doesn’t show Whitehouse on the same angle. Instead it’s minutes off the degree of a world point perhaps reflecting someone who can rule the world from the Whitehouse while preferring to be absent from it and perhaps not thinking of it much as home. However, both Hillary and Bush have Whitehouse in retrograde which for astrology can signify a return factor. Bush was returned to the Whitehouse for a second term, might Hillary now return home more gloriously ?

Inside Hillary’s career house we find not only Hillary and Fama (Fame) but asteroid, Washingtonia (i.e. Washington because asteroids were originally registered in feminine form) and this Washington is making close aspects, one hard, one easy, to Hillary C’s Mercury and Saturn respectively. Since Hillary has already been First Lady this combination, though suggestive, cannot by itself guarantee winning the Whitehouse race for which her chances must be analyzed by other means as I do in conclusion.

George Bush, who always had the advantage Hillary doesn’t enjoy of a natal sun conjuncting America’s sun, shows Washingtonia more like a cave of the secrets hidden in his twelfth sector. It’s nonetheless savingly in degree exact aspect to a powerful Pluto factor in his first house of persona. Washington and America are likely to be seen by him less as the career or destiny they are for Hillary than a natural possession. This impression is supplemented by GB having asteroid, America, in his second house of income and possessions. (America as the great cash cow?). With a chart more suited to the individualism of an artist than the mind of a negotiating statesman, exceptionally Bush shows not a single planet in his chart’s western sphere which would relate him to the will of others and the public. A lot of his motivation regarding especially military moves may always be secret given that his curiously hidden Washington, which in his case could mean chiefly Pentagon (no asteroid), favourably aspects his Mars (army and war). By contrast Hillary’s less possessive patriotism, her identification as “the” representative American is reflected by having her America asteroid in her first house of persona.


The president and/or party whom Hillary would be challenging to reach the top was clear from the first. At the Senator’s birth asteroid Hillary was degree exact opposite asteroid Busch and under the rules for reading asteroids what sounds is what counts, so Busch equals Bush in her chart and his. Hillary would always be Bush’s gadfly. She rather encroachingly appears in the President’s career house from where she makes difficulty square to his ascendant angle, the self same aspect her own Fama/Fame asteroid makes to his ascendant. By contrast the President’s own name asteroid is rather curiously not prominent for a person in his position but somewhat obscured in his fourth house of home and the father where it is afflicted by a first house Venus that rules his home sector. I believe I am correct to say this reflects the extent to which George Bush Jnr is a product of his father’s presidency and how he is increasingly unpopular and his name may not be well remembered. Like Hillary he does however – but only just – have Fama (Fame) inside his career house.

Anyway, if you look at America’s chart for its day of foundation (at any hour of the day because the foundation time is disputed) one finds something curious that’s likely to be significant. Saturn (generally a symbol of power, authority and ambition) falls at 14 Libra. From here it’s fortunately aspected by Busch from 13 Gemini. This is a degree acknowledged to be a power point of some sort for America (some believe foundation time corresponded to 13 Gemini rising though I don’t accept that). What’s interesting is that Hillary is conjuncting Busch at 12 Gemini. This looks like one of the signs for assuming power in America and stepping into Bush’s shoes and perhaps in some areas continuing Bush’s policies – there have already been charges this is what Hillary may actually do and by the time Bush steps down he may leave situations where his successor can do little else. In this connection and again to consider degree patterns, noteworthy is that 21 of kingly Leo, - 21 is deemed a special, “critical” degree, hence strong - is filled by Venus for Bush and Saturn for Hillary which looks like the easy shoes of one becoming the hard shoes of another!

I will return to Hillary’s chances presently but this matter of the Bush legacy is important so in parenthesis I will look at some curious details of the Bush chart. I only chanced to examine it in the wake of looking at the chart of Israel in relation to Annapolis.and with results which alone prompted me to write the present article. I had received such a surprise I was left wondering if I wasn’t just looking at the always possible fluke. If it wasn’t a fluke then the facts were bizarre to disturbing. Just who is the elusive ever smiling George Bush and what doing?


As described in my article, Accidental Revelations: Israel, Annapolis and Beyond It (November archive) I found that in Israel’s horoscope Busch was in the house of the nation’s open enemies conjunct Malin (French for Devil). At first I felt this must be a fluke (they must sometimes happen with asteroids). It would have been helpful to see where Rice fell but there’s no Rice asteroid. Or perhaps there is if you accept that the names Rice, Rhys and Rees are the same name, (which in origin they are). In that case Rees manages to conjunct Busch and Malin implying I might not be looking at coincidence after all.

Looking at Bush’s natal chart I then discovered that Rees is suitably prominent there in the first house of persona in close aspect to the President’s sun. This surely has to be Rice in Bush’s life, the influential, possibly rather dominant and domineering “right hand man” or rather woman, the person who as Secretary of State most represents the President’s international policies before the world. We can maybe locate Condaleeza Rice in the heavens after all!

But if so I wouldn’t then be able completely to dismiss the negative picture I was looking at vis-à-vis Israel because, like it or not, there were people from Jewish rabbis to Christian prophets insisting there was something seriously religiously questionable in what Bush and Rice were engaged in towards Israel (Israel is God’s land before even Israel’s and it is biblically forbidden to bargain over it and divide it). I also knew that asteroids Malin (Devil) and Lucifer, the devil as darkness and light respectively, well and truly work as such.

These asteroids are relevant to the charts of Satanists and they are deeply meaningful for the birth data of Jesus. The latter is something I claim to know empirically from innumerable proofs despite being controversially ignored to the point of censorship itself by mainstream publishing, media and just about everyone in a position to help as regards getting this historically important issue out to the world. One proof is that years before I could even know asteroids for remote dates I had singled out a certain time as being that of Jesus’ temptation. Sure enough, years later the appropriate, completely against chance, transit of Lucifer supported the rest of what I had always known.

So, beyond Israel’s chart I wanted to ascertain what the natal chart of Bush might reveal. More surprise. Bush’s natal Saturn at 26 Cancer, itself the planet associated by astrologers in religious/psychological contexts with the devil, was conjuncting Lucifer at 25 Cancer and Spirit at 24 Cancer! And this natal Saturn was in degree exact opportunity aspect besides to a career house asteroid, Lie. (He could engage cover ups about religion?) As regards asteroid Spirit I don’t imply this signifies Holy Spirit – in religious astrology and the life of Christ it is clearly Uranus which symbolizes this – Spirit points rather to the “spirit of” something at work. Within the pattern for Bush one would have to say divine and demonic appear in tension and Saturn by nature limits whatever it touches.

I didn’t and don’t of course believe this former Skull and Bones Club member who claims to be “born again” while unevangelically believing the God of Jesus is the same as Allah, was any Satanist. But there’s more chance than for other people that he could unwittingly serve negative spiritual agendas, play the proverbial “devil’s agent” to affairs, stretching truth where religion is concerned. This potentially dark pattern interestingly contrasts with Hillary’s less religiously fraught one which has Lie opposing her vulnerable, potentially victimized, Pisces moon which could expose her to bitter opposition through lies. She has been called everything from witch to murderess.


But just what is Bush and religion about? Relevant here is that the Bible asteroid, Bibliolexa conjuncts his ascendant (he can project as “the Bible believing Christian”) while asteroid, Christen (German for Christians) falls at what astrologers call the “Praise the Lord” Jupiter/Uranus midpoint, supposedly any horoscope’s most fortunate point. (I claim the sun of Christianity’s founding Pentecost fell on this – my unique discoveries re the astrology of Christianity are something else suppressed by various religious and astrological establishments).

Certainly George Bush has been lucky through often well heeled, prosperity gospel Christians of the Right (Christen in privileged Leo!). Without them he might not be in power for a second term or even a first! This President is also anyway hugely Jesus identified. As governor or Texas he even gave Texas a Jesus day. He has told people Jesus was his most important figure philosophically “because he touched my heart”. And he isn’t lying. The skies actually endorse this! Incredibly, the Jesus asteroid conjuncts George Bush’s Venus (love and peace) in Leo (sign of the heart) in the first house of the persona (what we see, what we project). And yet and yet…. Christianity, strictly speaking, is about faith in the risen Christ beyond the historical Jesus, the moral teacher or philosopher that, say, a Hindu like Ghandi could likewise “love” without being Christian.

I must emphasize this distinction and especially here because George Bush is a problem for religion and by the looks of it, astrology too. Astrologically the problem is patent….the Christ asteroid conjuncts that difficult Lucifer with Saturn combination and something else of tell tale nature of which presently. Under the usual rules I am unable to read this other than that Bush is potentially someone who, deliberately or not, can deal in spiritually mixed agendas and deceive himself and others about them.

Bush takes Israel seriously – it’s in his career house – but his two approaches and seeming about face with regard to Israel is exquisitely shown by in one direction the fortunate friendly aspect of his Mars to his Israel asteroid (some willingness to lend it military support) and a hostile difficulty square to Mercury (any contracts) to it and certainly Bush wants Israel to get signing documents in the way he wants. With his Mercury in a fixed sign and imperial Leo Bush won’t be compromising much on what he wants his name associated with in this matter historically.

There may be ego and economic considerations involved in the peace plans but we don’t have to regard it as the demonic calculations some critics maintain. Bush could be just plain muddled in the beliefs area and he probably is. The ruler of his beliefs and religion sector is Neptune which in all but the most spiritual or discerning persons often makes for deception and muddle. Bush can deceive himself and Christians about his beliefs. That’s serious enough but at the material octave astrologers also take Neptune as a symbol for oil…..

Bush’s Neptune is interestingly opposed to asteroid Babylon, ancient capital of Iraq that Bush’s enemy, Saddam Hussein, tried to rebuild. We arguably can and should use Babylon as a symbol for Iraq in default of other signifiers - though in fact there is an important one. Anyway the Neptune/Babylon opposition bespeaks the known challenge to enter Iraq near to the Babylon region and for oil linked economic purposes, – which is what even Alan Greenspan has suggested was the original reason, not primarily the moral reasons some imagine. However, as said, there is another asteroid signifier and alarmingly enough it is Baghdad (which received Bush’s “Shock and Awe” attack). I say “alarmingly” because….. Baghdad at 27 Cancer conjuncts the controversial Saturn/Lucifer/Christ/Spirit combination!

Unless this is truly a major fluke and I’m seriously mistaken the message appears to be (especially with asteroid Lie neatly aspecting this line up and given that Lucifer is the devil as Light) that Bush can do something in effect Luciferian and pass it off to gullible money gospel Christians as service of the Good.

It’s only Bush on Israel rather than Iraq that is finally making even some Christian voters have a few doubts about the Christian Bush. His Middle East Roadmap for peace is really Saudi Arabia’s plan modified by himself with an eye to US profit and security in relation to oil states, Israel regardless (overall Israel’s defence system risks being seriously compromised). The President’s connection with Saudi is clearly mapped in the chart in a way I don’t choose to comment upon. So those prophets and religious critics alleging Bush is virtually selling the Holy Land from greed in the name of peace could have a point.

Whatever, the more critical religious opposition to Bush which is at variance with his prosperous evangelical support base, appears to be described by asteroid Church in radical Aquarius almost perfectly opposite the President’s ascendant angle and hence his Bible asteroid there. These opponents are after all saying Bush (and Rice) don’t know their Bible where Israel is concerned – which is by and large true. With Church in this opposed position Bush probably regards those Christians he can’t have in his voting pocket like the Christian Right as a nuisance or even threat - which is possibly the reason, despite numerous representations to the Whitehouse, he has never done anything to protect or just highlight the plight of persecuted Iraqi and Palestinian Christians. These Christians are evidently disposable in the face of the Muslim nations best called brothers worshipping the same God.

By contrast, Hillary, herself if for very different reasons opposed by sections of the churches, likewise has Church in her open enemies sector opposed to her ascendant but her Church is in dual Gemini and retrograde. So, the opposed churches will be in two minds about her but also, I believe, will have second thoughts and can come round to her as some are already beginning to do. She can somewhat overcome the opposition if she wills – she after all doesn’t have the odd or sinister religious input of the Bush’s pattern to contend with. She can also better negotiate peace for Israel (her name nicely aspects Israel’s Venus, its peace potential) assuming that too many matters wouldn’t have been set in place before she would even have opportunity to try,

Now I can revert to Hillary and the all important question will she win.


First let’s be clear how we can have any clues about who can win. Here are some basic technicalities.

Personal: Obviously the candidate must have a natal pattern consistent with assuming power and enjoying fame. We’ve seen that Hillary has something of this including that twelfth house sun, normally a sign of hidden enemies and undermining factors but which can give specifically leaders contact with the collective unconscious of nations. Scorpio is a privileged sign for US presidents and Hillary’s planets in Leo are strong and imperial. As we have seen Fame is present as Fama in Hillary’s career house and the other fame asteroid, Glo, exactly trines her destiny Midheaven. There are no asteroids, President or First, but there is one Principia . It is not (as I incorrectly stated in the first published version of this article) perfectly conjunct the fame sensitive Glo, rather it is loosely conjunct her first house Jupiter. This does seem like the heavens declaring this person could be famous for being a female first of something though it won't be a giveaway as Jupiter and this asteroid are basically in difficulty square to the Midheaven!

Despite a basically encouraging picture Hillary appears to fail in especially two points natally. She has a sympathetic but unpolitical moon in Pisces. No American president has had, or would want to have, quite such a vulnerable factor (when Hillary protests her detractors have badly hurt her she means it) but perhaps a woman could be allowed it and it would humanize her to the masses. Hillary also has an unhelpfully unaspected sun – unless, like astrologer Michael O’Reilly, you take into account the four main asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta, one of which, Ceres, has recently if controversially been declared a planet, because then Hillary’s sun aspects all of these. (O’Reilly in fact links Hillary’s lifelong concern with healthcare reform to her natal sun’s aspect to her caring/nurturing Ceres in her sixth house of health issues). Whatever, the asteroids introduce a new and largely feminine consciousness into astrology. A woman president whose natal sun aspects the leading asteroids could therefore represent the new female and feminist consciousness many voters would be wanting of her.

The winner must have a natal chart strongly related to their nation’s horoscope like Bush with his Cancerian sun conjunct America’s sun. Hillary’s sun favourably aspects America’s Venus, obviously positive for someone aiming to be first female president! There are doubts about the time of America’s foundation but I believe the most solid case is made by Michael O’Reilly who has given both historical and astrological evidence for a 2.21 pm chart with Scorpio rising and a Leo destiny Midheaven (and isn’t there a lot of show and theatrics in American leadership?). It’s those angles that have favoured Presidents with suns or planets in Scorpio like Hillary and also those with Mars in Leo like Hillary because then their Mars would aspect America’s leadership Midheaven. Presidents are also commanders-in-chief of the army (Mars). America’s Midheaven is at just 16 Leo, Hillary’s Mars is at 14 Leo, conjuncting a powerful Pluto minutes off a world point at 15 Leo. This helps. (It is incidentally one more proof of the 2.21pm chart that its destiny Midheaven conjuncts a World point as befits America’s role in the world. The eclipse opposite America’s Midheaven in ‘08 could introduce drama into the leadership and whole life and destiny of a debt ridden America).

Also helpful to Hillary is the fact - given the 2.21 pm horoscope which unlike the other US charts puts the moon at 25 Aquarius - that the Senator’s Uranus favourably aspects the national moon exactly to the degree. It needs to do so not only because any President should anyway connect to the national moon but because Hillary would be blazing a woman first trail and Uranus is revolution, the difference, the surprise. Hillary’s Uranus is helpfully in her eighth sector of public support, crucial for any politician. Uranus there suggests she can win especially if she engages support from alternative people and voters like gays (ruled by Uranus) stressing new ways and alternative values. Obama chases Hillary here with a Uranus opposite rather than trine the national moon so he can excite but less easily realize what America wants. His Neptune conjunct America’s ascendant incidentally suggests his rule if he had it instead of Hillary could correspond to a time of confusion.

Transits: This could be a big story but I am only going to take transits for Voting Day November 4th around which time would be a very important one in Hillary’s life if she won. This day must therefore stand out dramatically in her chart and though I haven’t studied the charts of other candidates to compare, I think it is strongly enough marked for Hillary except for one point which I shall have to consider…so


Action generating Mars is transiting Hillary’s Ascendant and Mercury at that time which just by itself puts her well forward and in the news. Jupiter makes opportunity aspect to her Venus, good for a woman candidate, and Venus rules the house of her dearest wish. Both Saturn and Uranus are near to favourably aspecting Hillary’s ascendant angle and Mercury, with Saturn doing this from her career house where Saturn at this crucial time is probably best placed. Pluto is nearing a power giving aspect, albeit by semi-sextile, to her natal Jupiter. This is all pretty positive unless her rivals could show stronger aspects and if we could read properly for the main rival, Obama. (He was born 4th Aug 1961 birth time unknown. If I were reading for Inauguration Day ‘09 in favour of his having won would be Jupiter conjuncting his Mercury and against would be Pluto nearly opposite his world point Venus).

The rather major negative is that dissolving, undermining Neptune will be directly opposite Hillary’s natal Saturn which relates to ambition and the duties one assumes in life. Could this Neptune, always ruler of “the end of the matter” within her chart, undo and disappoint her? It’s quite possible but I am inclined to suppose this sign has more to do with the condition of America which is not likely to be improving and which, post Bush, could even prove a bit of a poisoned chalice, an extra heavy load, for almost anyone who won. (If the strong contender Obama whose natal Neptune conjuncts the American ascendant won, it might reflect America itself would soon take the chalice as Neptune here could signify a degree of confusion for all concerned).

But assuming Hillary Clinton were to assume the difficult Bush legacy it’s interesting to note that not long after Inauguration Day (Jan 20th ‘09) a lunar eclipse hits right on her natal Saturn. If this doesn’t bespeak a period of disappointment then it announces, and more likely does so, a period of assumption of extra work and heavy duty consonant in her case with having the presidential role.
I am not an American familiar with American politics (astrological signs must be read in context)and I have not studied the possibly stronger charts of Hillary’s rivals, but within these stated limitations I am prepared to say Hillary seems 95% likely to win the race to become America’s first woman president. In fact, it almost looks like the whole thing is already in her pocket.

NOTE George Bush’s chart is always given as: July 6, 1946, New Haven CT. 7.26 AM EDT
Hillary Clinton’s birth chart, originally disputed for time, is now accepted by leading astrologers to be for Oct 26, 1947,Chicago IL. At 8 am CST. The final word of research on this (her mother had said she was born around breakfast time on the day) was given by Frances McEvoy in Astrology Newsletter, Feb/March ’98, Vol XV111 no 6.
The surely conclusive case for America’s 2.21 pm (on July 4 1776 in Philadelphia) Scorpio rising chart is given by especially Michael O’Reilly in his Political Astrology, and various articles by him on the Net.


Anonymous said...

Astrology is the science which determines the influence of the stars,especially of the five older planets on the fate of man.According to certain fixed rules the future can be predicted depending upon the position of stars at the time of consideration.Astrology believes in the existence of the 12 houses which are also known as the zodiac sign.The 12 houses or zodiac signs symbolize life,personal property,riches,children,health,marriage and course of life.

Rollan McCleary said...

I take it your comment means I/we should be using traditional astrology (like the revived, almost trendy medieval astrology) rather than asteroids.

Asteroids are a kind of final frontier for astrologers that can clarify and enlarge existing information. They can supply precise information - names, places, concepts. Planetary symbolism is more fluid applied to situations and though accurate enough to astrologers not always so convincing to laypersons and sceptics. Put the new asteroids together with the old Arabic Parts and the information can be remarkably vivid. See my November article on Israel by way of example.