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[Originally begun as a footnote to my Harold Bloom article of earlier this month, the striking data that emerge seemed to warrant a separate article].


The astrology for those issues Harold Bloom has with religion and that I tackled in an article earlier this month is unusually revealing both in itself and for any untimed chart. Gratifyingly too it again empirically confirms many assumptions I have made in this area of beliefs little explored by astrology and astrologers and in which I can by now define a virtual astro-theology.

Recall that the God alienated Harold Bloom earlier in life wrote a novel, his only novel, The Flight to Lucifer. Lo and behold Bloom’s Lucifer is at 1.46 in air sign, Gemini, sign of writing and of flight, in extremely close difficulty square to his Neptune (mysticism and visions) at 1.43 of Virgo. This Lucifer is also loosely in out-of-sign conjunction with Bloom’s natal Mars at nearly 28 Taurus. This arguably reflects the outspoken, almost anti God feelings contained in Bloom’s writing on Yahweh and absolutely reflects his problems with the gospel of Mark with its declaratory demons that interest him because asteroid Marc at 27 Leo makes degree exact difficulty square with Bloom’s same contending Mars.

But where is God located for Harold Bloom and why does he so passionately write about Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine and suffer nightmares about God?

For a start Bloom’s sun at 18 Cancer conjuncts Pluto at 19. Conjunctions are very pro or con something. Since, as I’m always insisting, Pluto is the God planet, especially God as biblically imaged, this disposes Bloom towards his many arguments with and about Yahweh and their marked inner turmoil. But any potential for this is that much stronger and rendered almost inevitable by the fact that one of the two God asteroids is additionally involved. Bhagwat (Hindu name for Lord/God personally conceived) is at 17 Cancer. This makes everything that much more theological. (Just Pluto alone with Bloom’s sun might make him someone who deals with or is obsessed with death in some fashion). In my October article on Dawkins and the Fates I mentioned how the Pluto of evolutionary scientist and controversial atheist campaigner, Richard Dawkins, is opposite Bhagwat, a rather clear mark of his “out” disposition to atheism. Conjunctions like Bloom’s can as stated be very pro or con. I even maintain that Jesus had Bhagwat very closely conjunct his Pluto, one of the signatures in his case for his “I and my Father are one” claim. Under force of his Pluto/Bhagwat conjunction Bloom seems just trapped in struggle between faith and denial, impersonal and personal deity.

Bloom’s arguments over the divinity of Jesus are exquisitely mapped by the Jesus asteroid (which as stressed in my Hillary Clinton article seems to be more about the historical Jesus as opposed to the Christ asteroid’s connection to the Jesus of faith). For Bloom, the Jesus asteroid at 13 Leo is conjuncting his Theotes (divinity/Godhead) at 12 Leo so there’s plenty of potential here for battle royal over divinity and for this to become a lacerating exercise, even a bit nightmarish or hellish since Bloom’s hell asteroid, Hella (originally asteroids were registered in feminine form) is also at 12 of fiery Leo! And then Biblioran, the Bible asteroid representing the Old Testament, joins in the fray at 10 Leo. God, Hell and claims of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) which Bloom keeps pitching against those of what he calls the Belated Testament (New Testament), itself as Biblialexa at 22 Cancer within call of Bloom’s established Sun/Pluto tensions, are thus all positively at war in his mind over belief issues. The fact that the Jesus asteroid is moreover in exact semi-sextile to Mercury means Bloom simply must keep on reading, writing or talking about this whole theological problem. By contrast, Bloom’s Christ asteroid due to its exact 19 degree to 19 opportunity aspect to Pluto plus a trine to Chiron, the wounded healer (and Bloom has plenty to say and deny about the Messiah as any kind of wounded healer figure) represents a belief possiblity at the same time as it presents itself as a decidedly, painful and undesirable one (Chiron).

I am not sure whether the Achristou Antichrist asteroid conjunct Bloom’s fated nodes (North Nodes) is meant to say something or nothing – might his Gnostic sympathies have affinities for some species of post Nietzschean Antichrist philosophy? What is transcendently definite for the whole natal pattern is that the birth opposition of Jupiter (religion, faith, beliefs) to Saturn (scepticism, doubt, duty, but also tradition as of his strictly Jewish Orthodox upbringing, strengthened by Saturn in its natural sign of Capricorn) keeps Bloom in a state of largely unresolved hard working conflict over all questions of belief. If anything, the doubt and denial potential of the strong Saturn wins in opposition to the faith demands of Jupiter since covenants whether old or new cannot receive his faith assent. The asteroids simply describe in quite vivid detail what some of the tensions are and where they lie.


For Bloom Yahweh can be like Shakespeare’s Lear. While researching Bloom on God I briefly turned to Bloom on Shakespeare and received a few first class surprises I feel should also be conveyed. While I admit only to have read Bloom on the Western Canon and modern American religiosity he is perhaps principally famous for his critical output and illuminating lectures on Shakespeare. This matter is modestly introduced by the "meeting" aspect (semi-sextile, here a meeting of minds) of Bloom’s writing/critical Mercury to Shakespeare’s Venus (his art, his loves)in verbal Gemini. I felt encouraged to look up asteroid Shakespeare puzzled to find it was at 17 Aries within 2 degrees of Bloom’s Uranus and one degree difficulty square his Sun at 18 Cancer. Does Shakespeare make him work, surprise him, half irritate or frustrate the poet within Bloom into critical appreciation? This I can’t answer but in effect all seems explained when amazingly we can know that Bloom’s 17 degree Shakespeare asteroid conjuncts Shakespeare’s all important nearly 17 degrees writing Mercury. Small wonder Bloom has this sense of understanding the Bard so closely! We may assume he does.

Asteroids work by sound vibe, so the name Bloom, which is anyway an anglicization of the German Blume (pronounced Blumah in German, but Bloom in English) can substitute for Bloom in the asteroid lists. As indeed it surely should. Because it seems like the heavens always knew that Bloom would write about especially Shakespeare. Bloom’s 8 degree Cancer Blume asteroid conjuncts Shakespeare’s Mars at 7.40 Cancer! It seems the heavens also knew Bloom’s most famous pupil would be controversial, anti feminist, feminist, Camille Paglia – Camilla conjuncts his fated, socially connective nodes (South Nodes) – and of course it would be supporting astrology in relation to assumed references to that subject in Shakespeare that would get Ms Paglia into some (more) trouble with the intellectual community. Thou shalt not study or support astrology on pain of academic excommunication!


But behind all these Shakespeare links for Bloom I personally see and can now reasonably stress something else. It’s a principle of astrology that it’s not possible to research and write on figures past or present if one’s own horoscope does not set up a few rather exact contacts by synastry in precisely the sort of way Bloom and Shakespeare so strikingly do even if astrologers are not in the habit of extending the principle as here to the new field of asteroids.

So, the above this is a final link in the chain of proofs confirming I was always significantly right about the data for Shakespeare’s birth and that Shakespeare was himself and none other. This was the subject of the most popular and quoted of my articles in The Australian Astrological Monthly Review, way back in the nineties. There I maintained the true chart of Shakespeare, one that explains him and works for his life, can be set for 11.20 am with 19 degrees of dramatic Leo rising at Stratford and on the usually given date of 23rd April 1564 (Julian Calendan). This chart is so absurdly accurate it even turns up The Part of Influence conjunct Shakespeare’s career house poet’s Neptune while its all-reflecting, mirror like Libran moon is directly conjuncted by the Part of Divination which surely sits well with Bloom’s feeling that Shakespeare had almost prenatural knowledge of people and the human mind.

Astrologers have often tried to be clever or trendy by offering alternative birth dates for Shakespeare or even proposing, like some literary critics (not Bloom), that the Bard was someone other than the Stratford youth. I am getting used to being ignored or occasionally insulted by members of the astrological establishment for all sorts of good and valuable work done and it’s all too typical that a well known astrologer who demands International Reply Coupons to reply to any issues addressed to him never used my coupon to reply to comments on the date of his famous lives Shakespeare chart. It wasn’t set for Shakespeare’s given birth date and it won’t work for Shakespeare’s life. He also didn’t reply to my comments regarding his data for Christ’s birth which though I didn’t baldly state it, unlike my own, are quite unconvincing and don’t work across history to this day. However he is easily published on this subject while I am not. Explanations are required, so…


Thinking (in relation to Shakespeare issues and astrology) of Bloom’s outspoken and ever embattled disciple, Camille Paglia, I shall finish with a few home truths this censored issues blog has so far avoided.

In future I hope the astrological establishment will display greater sensitivity and not, like the just mentioned prominent astrological writer promise answers to correspondence they don’t even reckon to give. I must seriously condemn the editors of The Mountain Astrologer and American Horoscope Magazine (the latter seem to need to take 6 months to answer anyone if at all) for their inexcusable indifference regarding the Pentecost Chart for Christianity which is the only working horoscope for a world religion and which all astrologers should be using for predictive purposes. This is not my only complaint but for sheer absurdity it rather stands out. I can reserve for later criticism of some persons and policies like a leading astrological scholar whose perverse refusal of the rectification technique most astrologers reckon to use itself is damaging to quite a lot of historical work of the Shakespeare kind and, worse, any work on Christ data where it would always be necessary. I was to give a university lecture on this while in England about three years back but when I heard arrangements could involve the astrologer in question I correctly warned my publisher (for non astrological writings) to expect little result as this person would be quite likely to get in the way to stop me speaking on this research theme. There is so much ego and prejudice of this kind I seriously believe astrology could do with a bit of reform if not a whole French revolution of its closed club ways if a lot of information is ever to get out and be processed for public use and interest.

Finally, and as my last Blog word for 2007 I issue challenge for 2008 to The American Federation of Astrologers to quite simply keep its word. I have approached them more than once in the past about looking into my data for Christ’s birth and only because they have in the past specifically promised to make public announcement if they think it has been found by anyone. I declare it has been found with innumerable proofs no one will ever outdo and at that from the hands of a theologian, not an astrologer only so that a wider range of religious and historical details can be examined and proved. So the public annoucement is long overdue.

Let the AFA disagree with and reject my findings if they believe they are false, that’s fair enough, but don’t say again they can’t find my correspondence, or give no answer at all except would I (a non American) like to take on membership. The data for Christ can be discovered by anyone of any nationality and is of potential interest to any nationality and potentially historic in its significance for astrology so that membership should never be an issue. The mentioned data works to this day. (It even suitably registered the controversy of the Archbishop on the Magi of this last Christmas). Kindly just keep your word, AFA, at least respect the subject if not myself, and be open to the very real conclusive surprises I have for you if you do keep it. This paragraph will remain here for anyone to read until, if ever, someone representative takes appropriate action.

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