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Thursday, August 7, 2008



Malaysia won’t win any prizes for its treatment of opposition leader and former deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim (b.10.8.1947). Whether he’s innocent or guilty of sodomy as charged - and my main point here is I believe he’s innocent - what’s been happening and getting said isn’t the way to conduct politics or life, to be democratic or to respect privacy. Malaysia needs to know the world is looking on.

Greater men than the poor beleagured Anwar Ibrahim have been “guilty” of sodomy including with chauffeurs and guys in cars, like of course one of the twentieth century’s leading novelists, Marcel Proust, whose chauffeur, Alberto, had his gender discreetly changed for purposes of fiction to become the adored and missed Albertine of A la RecherchĂ© du Temps Perdu.

When last year I wrote in assessment of various rumours and theories about the Pope being gay my analysis was able to include a number of wonderfully accurate but little used gay relevant asteroids. I regret that despite all their wonderful variety pointing to everything from effeminate types to leathermen, there’s no asteroid will give us sodomy as such – unfortunately no one has named a celestial rock after the Renaissance artist, Sodoma (whose name derives from his rather exceptional desire to be "out" about his interests) which might have helped. I can’t employ the Part of Homosexuality in assessment either as Anwar’s birth time is unknown and anyway I find the Part is more involved with an individual’s image and beliefs as a gay person than specific sexual proclivities.


In standard (planetary and traditional) astrology there has been some association of sodomy with (in its negative expression) the rather rape prone, down and dirty Pluto if and when Pluto conjoins other factors like notably Mars (the sex drive) which it doesn’t do in Anwar Ibrahim’s case. The Pluto-sodomy link is however suggestive of historical associations of sodomy with the kind of violence and humiliation which historically, and sometimes still today, could be vented upon prisoners. Associations of love and/or pleasure seem excluded from the symbolism but it is possible that Anwar's enemies would like to make precisely plutonic style associations and imply that among other things Anwar is a man of violence.

Undeniably Uranus (the most gay associated planet) does conjunct Mars in Anwar’s case and this can be a gay signature. However, the conjunction is in Gemini (speech and talking and people talk about Anwar as gay) and there’s no connection to Neptune. And this matters because really I think Anwar Ibrahim, who’s a married man with a daughter, to be behaving as alleged with risk to his career and reputation would need to be rather strongly bisexually inclined (like Obama according to some reports and a good few Muslim poets who didn’t live in societies as censorious as Malaysia’s) but for that we need something connecting to especially an afflicted Neptune which again Anwar doesn’t have ( but Obama does).

What Anwar shows is a devastatingly exact conjunction (exact to the minute) of Saturn (his politics, his career, any authority figures in his life) to asteroid Lie, (13 Leo 0 to 13 Leo 0). It is virtually certain that THE AUTHORITIES IN ANWAR’S LIFE ARE SENDING OUT LIES and he is involved in a (plutonic style) life-and-death type power struggle with them. More loosely than with LIE Anwar Ibrahim’s imperial Leo sun at 16 degrees is conjunct PLUTO, a set-up notorious for extreme power struggles and perhaps a sort of “rape” of one’s being by that power if one can’t win over it all - as Anwar may yet do. In fact there’s a horrible and rare struggling line-up of Sun at 16 Leo, Pluto and Saturn both at 13 and Lie at 13.

I repeat. I think Anwar Ibrahim is innocent of the charges, or, I am as convinced as I can be, so call that 95% convinced. If there has been some carrying-on of a kind politically and socially unhelpful to Anwar's career (but not that most of us could consider criminal or meriting an absurd 20 years in jail) then to be frank about it it’s more likely to be things you’d do with your hands (Mars/Uranus in Gemini sign of words and hands) than things more intense. And does Malaysia reckon to be down like a ton of bricks on that too?!


You’re entitled to believe certain behaviours are “wrong” but not to pursue people in the way Malaysia apparently reckons to do and almost certainly for reasons of power. Some cultures and some of the more conservative Christians seriously dislike, object to and would wish to see banned the kind of “out” displays of sexual issues and preferences that gay pride parades bring out of the closet onto the street. But this distaste to which anyone is entitled (and I don’t belong to those PC gays who want to jail everyone who criticizes them) must be put against the too common alternative: a will to hide and disguise the facts of life to make it easier to punish, blackmail and intrigue.

Christianity has done this kind of thing all too often siding with mere corruption and oppression to keep uncritiqued, unrevised elements of its ethical systems going. I don’t care as a Christian to be associated with that kind of dishonesty and I can’t approve it in the Muslim version either.

When it isn’t rape (as in the Sodom story) or exploitation sodomy has to be considered by law and society as an aspect of natural life (even of the animal kingdom that Aristotle didn’t know or realize it was but helped persuade Christians and Muslims as regards “unnatural acts”). We maybe need to find a better balance between the closeted and the blatant where gay sex is concerned but it’s better to talk about sodomy frankly than intrigue about it. I hope the embattled Anwar will go free to do whatever he wants or needs to do as a politician and that Malaysia will become more tolerant and sophisticated in its attitudes.

[I promised to make Todd Bentley the next subject but events in Malaysia have irritated and outraged me enough to cause the postponement]


Michael said...

The Anwar Ibrahim case is a very instructive one. Firstly, the laws under which he was before and is now charged were a legacy of British rule. This is also the case in other former British colonies - Fiji, PNG, Singapore, India, Burma, Zimbabwe, Nigeria etc. It's instructive to check out the map of world sodomy laws at Notice Africa and most countries there without sodomy laws are the Francophone ones whose laws are based on Code Napoleon which scrapped the old French sodomy laws after the Revolution. The only variations are in Nth Africa where Muslm countries such as lgeia have institued some srt of sodomy law through imposition of Islamic law,

Also intersting with Ibrahim is that the law is clearly being aplied politically. The first time back in '98 he was the heir apparent of Mahathir Mohammed, a very PM and it appears there was a falling out. Mahathir had to find something to get Ibrahim on (who'd just been named by TIME as Asian of the year) Why not good old sodomy? After al the first sodomy laws in Christendom where imposed by the Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. They were mainly used against his political enemies against whom he had nothing else. Most notably his first victims included two bshops. Wheteher or nt they did engage in male male sex or as in Anwar Ibrahim case case were victims of a put up job we can't tell. But the naure of sodomy laws are that it's extremely difficult to get evidence short of another's testimony. And such testimony can be forced (as was done in a case here in Qld back in the 40s)

Is Ibrahim gay or bi? I don't thnk so. s he victim of a political application of a very bad law. Most definitely!

lovewell said...

Straight guys are silly to talk about gay guys. Anwar is closet gay queen for heavens sake. being a politician he's darn good at playing the role of a diva ( well, most of us queen are) So, leave that 'girl' alone you guys need to support us in making him our posterboy ..err girl.