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Barack Obama is not the Antichrist but those people determined to imagine he is are not so totally off the wall they aren’t picking up on some rather disturbing trends and attitudes. The sheer idolatry of Obama’s followers raises serious questions – even the now disillusioned (or just jealous) Jessie Jackson originally spoke of triumphs so wonderful they deserved a chapter added to the Bible. New Agers are referring to a Light Worker, an Enlightened Sage. Clearly America and perhaps the world is looking for Messiahs as never before.

It’s not just that Obama mania, Obama euphoria, Obama ecstasy is redolent of the cult of rock and film stars and - in the political sphere where it shouldn’t belong – of Hitler and the Roman emperors. It’s not simply that the cult seems largely undeserved in that it indiscriminately surrounds a person without notable experience or qualification beyond the ability to utter stirring phrases, flash a broad smile and perform the part of leader in line with the thespian potential of his native sign of Leo.

What’s serious – and I don’t say it as a secret Republican sympathizer bent on scoring points because like perhaps most non Americans I’d prefer a Democrat sea change - is that the archetypal Pied Piper themes of the Antichrist, the elements of lie, of seduction, of false spiritual value are well to the fore. And as it happens something of this is objectively certified in no uncertain terms in the heavens in ways Obama dispraisers like myself couldn’t have invented better if we’d tried.

But before pitching in let me be fair to Obama (and all of us). I’ve often had occasion to refer to the strange accuracy of the new dimension of stargazing, the asteroids, about which we’re still researching and learning. We all have their most negative indications like Lucifer and Malin (Devil) and Lie somewhere in our charts because we’re all imperfect and if we don’t side with evil it attacks us in a vulnerable place. So that’s what could be shown in a pattern.

Accordingly we mustn’t rush to conclusions about where and how the negatives are placed for people. However it’s undeniably healthier if most can be placed inconspicuously and avoid contact with magnifying planetary or angular factors - which they often can since they’re normally only allowed a small orb of connection (like 2 degrees) with any planet(more with sun or moon).


Here then are the kind of troubling indicators for Obama one would prefer not to be confronted with in light of what appears to be the case and another consideration I have yet to mention. I should incidentally before proceeding point out that finally we do now know Obama’s place and time of birth to read any asteroids against. There was not the same certainty last December when I wrote about Hillary’s seemingly good chances this year. Place and time have had to be certified to insure Obama was seen as even an American citizen following recent claims he was born abroad and, according to a Kenyan relative that Obama had in fact been the Muslim he denies having ever been.

So now we know that Obama’s birth time on 4th Aug 61 was 7.24pm in Honolulu with 18 degrees of Aquarius rising over the horizon. And actually this does make a difference to how we see the presidential race though it’s still exceptionally hard to pick a winner because Obama (who might yet have setbacks and has recently offended many Americans with his prematurely “presidential” world tour which ignored wounded soldiers) and Hillary (who might yet return despite the setbacks) and the wooden McCain all presently have the kind of features to their charts that could make for winners.

But given Obama’s populist Aquarius rising at birth this means Uranus rules his natus and this Uranus, powerfully angular for him (and helpfully conjunct America’s natal moon), is eclipsed, (thus indicating some prominence) by the mid August lunar eclipse. That’s a positive sign towards winning though given what the two August eclipses possibly bode for America generally it might not prove so wonderful an experience for Obama or anyone to be assuming power in these times. More than rock star abilities would be needed to manage the kind of crises considered below. But whatever the future holds, the following details don’t inspire confidence in the immediate.

Asteroid LUCIFER conjuncts Obama’s sun. This doesn’t mean he’s wickedness incarnate but it could mean he would be too easily proud or more vulnerable than some to the channeling of negative spiritual influence. Also conjuncting Obama’s sun is asteroid, LIE which doesn’t exactly help if what I’ve just said is relevant. (By comparison with a figure like Dixon ’s false prophet we find LIE conjuncting a Neptune that squares Mercury - an aspect itself often a signature for lies – and asteroid ACHRISTOU conjunct his natural ruler Uranus and LUCIFER probably conjunct the IC angle if the birth place were certain).

Trying to avoid unduly emphasizing these possibly only coincidental negatives we are still confronted by the fact that asteroid, MALIN (Fr for Devil) conjuncts Barack Obama’s Mercury (his message, what he says). In fact, since his Mercury thus conjuncted opposes his Jupiter (chief register of truth in any pattern) the whole mendacious (or just self deceptive) personal picture seems emphasized.

Suitably for someone who has gone along with ideas of Black Liberationist Fr Pfleger that Jesus was black and Israel lacks any claim to Israel (a theory itself linked to a demotion of Jesus’ messianic role) the Jesus asteroid, ISA, is directly opposed by limiting, sometimes Satanic, Saturn.

With Pluto (itself ruler of Obama’s career/reputation Scorpio Midheaven) directly opposed to asteroid JERUSALEM if Obama gains power one could expect plenty of the zigzagging about as regards dividing Jerusalem and any promises about Israel. These are problems an Israeli journal like Arutz Sheva, is already anticipating - reasonably enough given Obama’s past easy acceptance of the anti Semitic doctrines of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Obama’s faith/church problems are exquisitely reflected  by his afflicted Neptune in his sector of religion and beliefs.

Obama is not so much a leader as a gifted actor and orator who knows how to pick up audience vibes and run with them. If anything, Obama’s sun squaring Neptune, the sort of framework against which the above supplementary asteroid evidence must be read, warns of limited and weak leadership ability (and hence his own vulnerability to weak leaders like his whacky pastor). However Obama’s main contact to the chart of America is this glamorizing (and wonderful for photo ops) but also potentially deceptive and disillusioning conjunction of his Neptune to America’s ascendant (the people and national mythos) almost to the minute. (I’ll not attempt to justify my attachment to the US Scorpio rising chart except to say it has the advantage of being timed to when White House record shows America was sworn into being, a point many ignore if they know it).

The absence, apart from Neptune, of factors for Obama in any really “elevated” positions in his pattern adds to the impression that leadership is less natural to him than might appear while his emphasized relationship sector is descriptive of plenty of audience sensitivity. If he does come to power he will probably rely, and need to rely, on skilled advisors (seventh house agency) rather heavily.


However, let’s leave the asteroids for the (sort of) Antichrist factor that some have been sensing amid the excesses of Obama idolatry. Long ago when the late Washington seeress, Jeane Dixon, claimed to have seen the birth of the Antichrist she maintained it would be American media that would chiefly foist this person upon the world. If there is/was any truth to that vision and the person of Dixon’s visions actually exists then two highly influential Americans are better placed than some to welcome the Aquarian messiah and set him on a global path because certain of their beliefs and their stellar patterns connect to his pattern leaving them more open than some to this phenomenon. The first person is the internationally influential Aquarian, Oprah Winfrey, plus the person her own promotion has now put in the forefront of America, namely Barack Obama. With Oprah’s Saturn (ambitions, any political issues) directly conjunct Obama’s Neptune Oprah found Obama’s species of politics irresistible, irresistible enough to drop former friend, the more experienced Hillary Clinton.

Obama’s 18 degree Aquarian ascendant conjuncts Dixon’s prophet’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction on this degree signifying, if ever they met, Obama could easily be overwhelmed, charmed, flattered and maybe willing to promote like crazy. (Obama’s own Venus is loosely conjunct the Achristou asteroid which I insist works among the likes of Satanists as the Antichrist sign).

Obama’s Jupiter (his religion, his beliefs) conjunct the prophet’s Mars while his (Obama’s) moon favourably, and very verbally in Gemini!, aspects it. Dixon’s prophet could thus easily use Obama to promote his aims and Obama could go along with this because his beliefs range from the uncertain to the bizarre but favour whatever makes some show of unifying everyone – since it’s pretty clear he has an “I want to rule the world” syndrome he needs the broadest of ideologies. Oprah who chose Obama over Hillary cannot be called Christian in any normal sense - no one with his odd religious mentors and almost total agnostic indifference concerning the afterlife could be thought so.

If I think or know more I shan’t say more here and shall just hope I’m wrong but it does look like the Obama road show is a sham with a peculiarly negative spiritual potential at this time. But, then, what is this time that Obama and Obama mania might dominate?


If there’s one thing likely to wither Obama’s messianic smiles and popular appeal it could be the kind of mega disasters in America that require extreme statesmanlike abilities. Like many people I’ve become almost bored, insensitive and ready to yawn as regards forecasts of American, especially Californian, disasters and the fabled “Big One”. Today I read most prophecies rather as others read newspaper sun sign astrology, namely as light entertainment because I can’t take most of it seriously. However…. we have just had a quake of moderate proportion across LA and it’s just possible that finally the time for the Big One approaches. You could have thoughts especially if you use the American chart I use and have read a few of the recent prophecies which, even while some derive from people I question (and who would question me in turn) carry a bit more weight than usual.

Let’s be simple as regards the astrology....

August sets the scene for coming months with 2 tricky eclipses that do more than hit the pattern of presidential hopefuls. The Solar eclipse is in close enough conjunction with America’s fated nodal axis and near its destiny Midheaven (hence opposite its IC, the part of its pattern involved with the land and weather conditions) to leave one wondering and speculating uneasily. The lunar eclipse is conjunct America’s moon (homes, domestic security) in the sector of its land and territory. One has to note too that at the time of these eclipses Saturn makes harsh aspect to America’s Uranus which, as at the Katrina disaster, seems truly sensitive for shocking occurrences in America. Finally let’s note the volcanic and devastating Pluto transiting the O Capricorn world point earlier this year gave us death and horrors as in Burma and China. Will it omit to do so later this year and in America when it returns to this zone?


As to the prophets, that’s a bit more complicated….of course! Even so, an interesting case is report regarding a certain Sean Malone and his group of 3 friends called the CRI (Crisis Response International). These guys unlike some prophets actually appear to know what they’re doing and saying. The simple fact is that Malone took up residence in New York to intercede and preach warnings ahead of 9/11 and give help when the disaster occurred (another plus as against some doom sayers!). He likewise went ahead of the Katrina disaster and gave assistance in New Orleans. He has always said there would be 3 major disasters to hit America and the third would be the real wake up call for America and its churches alike and it would occur in California. He and others seem to anticipate less a Big One than a Big One plus tsunami with major destruction in much of NW America. Ominously, Malone and the 4 are now training and organizing 44 prophets and preachers for California in anticipation of something very major.

Who else has been saying things? I would note the elderly charismatic, Bob Jones - not my favourite person or prophet for various reasons - suddenly warned in April that disaster in California will now be coming sooner than people imagine and especially in San Francisco. That city, says Jones, will have had it when the prophets (Malone’s?) will have abandoned the streets. More recently Jones has said the Californian disaster would be preceded by two major quakes in Japan and California. Whether or not we have just had those these last few days of July or not (they were moderate sized not exactly big) is hard to tell.

Prophet Bob Hartley declared earlier this year that before he would leave office Bush would have the chance be merciful towards California (perhaps he means will do more and sooner than he did at the Katrina disaster!). The British prophet, and co-founder of God TV, Wendy Alec, has recently said she felt obliged to release a vision she had held to herself for some weeks (since June). She had a terrifying vision about the destruction before too long of northern Californian and especially San Francisco. (LA would also be hurt but less so than Frisco). She had been woken to the words of “The Bay, the Bay, the Bay” which, though she grasped the vision was about California, being British she said didn’t mean to her what it would to Californians. Only later she made the specific connection with Frisco as main flashpoint for the coming disaster.

Alec claims vision of almost unbelievable levels of destruction in town and country, the sky turned completely black, people long trapped and lost and many cursing rather than calling upon God in what she considers a city of idolatry that has turned to self indulgence and other gods – the sort of reason it seems Malone’s people feel necessity to preach in the Bay Area so that if nothing else many will be repent and die well. All pretty dark and stuff if valid and I won’t cite others in the same line at this time.


Whatever the truth I’m disposed to pause on the idea of judgement as against fate (the more astrological idea) that the slew of recent visions raises. Even if you believe you have it on revelation there’s ome some serious indulgence and idolatry prevalent in California, does God really have to judge it by wiping out thousands, many of them ordinary innocent people or babies?

One could wish for the prophets, especially if they actually are seeing true, a more enlightening and nuanced approach in this area. One simple point almost never really made by them is that the NT of their bibles repeatedly indicates that the (at least temporary) ruler of this world is not God but the Satan who offers Jesus the kingdoms of this world. It follows…arguably….that even the Creator scarcely has the right in a free will universe to intervene to defend people if they have gone beyond a certain level of idolatry and ethical abandon. Accordingly what is often portrayed as God’s judgement wrath is something more like God’s abandonment of a certain level of protection.

A person I came to realize had truly exceptional prophetic ability and who used to write to me in their last years in response to a website I once had, insisted he’d been shown protection being bit by bit withdrawn from America. Natural disasters (which are mostly natural and belong with the fate patterns of astrology) can, it seems, be at least mitigated if a population is “right with God”. If they’re not right then this world is free to become the devil’s destructive playground.

If third time round Malone and friends genuinely are onto something one would hope the residents, especially the gay residents of Frisco who have things to blame the churches for but who in turn have too easily tolerated events the likes of the profane hunky Jesus competitions for Good Friday, won’t totally dismiss the prophets. Also that in turn the prophets would emphasize the negatives of “idolatry” and greedy indulgence rather than the evil of being gay as such. That kind of unnecessary emphasis which seems to want to make out that every major US city is “Sodom” and the ethical measure how much one people tolerate gays (a line which has caused the tiresomely narrow Repent America group in Philadelphia such legal troubles) could make the work of the 44 ineffective before it even began. (Date setters for disaster may wonder how long the CRI prophet preaching “training” reckons to last!)


But to return to the fray regarding prophecy as prophecy conventionally understood (i.e. right forecasting rather than the moral pronouncement which it can also be) all the prophets have a bit of trouble with the fact that the ultra revival going global that emanates from Lakeland Florida, is happening now. This super Pentecost, or Last Pentecost was years ago forecast by some as something that would accompany a time of disasters in especially America. So in effect if heaven is beginning to open, the disasters (hell?) will need to come forth fairly soon too. We shall have to see. But perhaps I need to turn next to consideration of the person and stellar signs of the improbable Capricorn facilitator of the mega “revival”, Todd Bentley. In fact I had been going to do this but between recent quaking and what I have been asked to write on Obama I haven’t done this, but it can follow next.


Anonymous said...

very useful article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Rollan McCleary said...

Thanks. Well, you're perhaps right about needing to be more on Twitter and my latest article (on the Haiti disaster)should perhaps be linked to from there.

Apart from being a bit busy for all these social sites like Facebook, problem is I finally joined Twitter late last year and mentioned what I felt to be a very important article in December 09 re the Bethlehem Star. I got no response unless a horrible lot of spam type messages to my server so that it makes you hesitate. But if such as yourself cared to tell Twitterers to look at my Blog I might be more willing to post messages for them....

Anonymous said...

Hello friends,

I would like to note that:

-French ''Malin''= shrewd,cunning (not ''bad'' as suggested)

-Lucifer comes from latin ''lux''+ ''berre'' (light+bearer)

I believe it's something to take into account for any interpretations of those asteroids in any chart.

Rollan McCleary said...

You only need look on the Net or a dictionary to be assured Le Malin is one of the words for devil. True, Lucifer is sometimes used by theosophists and in occult circles as a concept of enlightener but there is no question Lucifer will work in the conventional way in charts. (I was reading somewhere the other day about Lucifer in Hitler's chart). St Paul does talk about the devil being able to appear "as an angel of light" it is part of the general deception. Astrologically I feel bound to say Lucifer is the devil as light and Malin as darkness.

My Pet Goose Annabell said...

Hi, I looked up Lucifer at and found that Lucifer was in aquarius on July 4, 1776 at 22 degrees - very close to our nation's moon (which is conjunct Obama's ascendant). Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, thanx a lot for this article ....... Thud was exactly what I was looking for.

Rollan McCleary said...

The negative quality of Obama manifests again in this latest Ramadan season approval of the mosque and Muslim centre near to Ground Zero.